The Grim and I by Thom Baylay - Released 27th Sept 2018




There was this one scene towards the end, where you know who is about to die and a second grim reaper appears. Your own grim reaper is trying to distract you from it. We find out later that this was for one of the people in the house. However… I had a thought… What would happen if the second grim reaper that appeared was actually your reaper’s reaper? As in, if your reaper couldn’t persuade you to go to the Other Side, the “ultra-reaper” (for lack of a better term) would kill your reaper? I think it could be another layer to add to the exploration of death. Great job on that, by the way.



Warning: possible spoilers ahead

When Grim says you’ll be “judged for your sins…” on the other side, perhaps you could add this option:

#“I’m aware of that.”

just so the MC can either be religious or not depending on the option.


Wow, thank you so much everyone for all of your amazing feedback! This story is very close to my heart and I’m really moved by all of your support.

Please don’t forget to use blurring on your spoilers! Particularly for late game revelations!

That said, please do keep your ideas and theories coming! Keep the conversation going! It’s super helpful to know what people got from it :slight_smile:

T x


My Grim really said he loves me :thinking:


Could there be an option for a platonic love with a close friend instead of a wife or husband?


It’s curious that ‘work’ is being associated primarily with ‘ambition’. There could also be the flip side: responsibility, wanting to change something.



Goodness me, that was… something.

And that something was bleeding good. :grin:

Wonderful piece of fiction here, and I only played it once yet. Bravo, my good sir, bravo. :relaxed:


I’m surprised at Grim’s revelation, though I think there must be a twist on his true identity later on. Still in Chapter 7 (I think) and enjoying it.


Some comedy/irony:

Grim: "So, what was this thing you were working on? What was your life’s ambition?
MC: “To find a cure for death.”


This was amazing. I can’t wait to buy it from HG! :heart_eyes:


This is really good, never thought I’d catch feelings for a Valkyrie but here we are. I’m excited to buy this one for sure!


Awesome! Still playing through a number of routes Managed to change my reapers opinon on humanity :). And suffered two/three bad endings, while another good ending where I just pass own. Still eeping my eyes open for any options to remain in my reapers relam. Sad that there wasn’t an option to hug my reaper gal. Poor Reaper-chan always doomed to wander the world with such an thankless job yet loves us more then words could properly describe :(. And appearently I suck at beta and proofreading as I don’t see any mistakes or get caught in any errors :frowning: sorry :frowning:


I think i have found as everything I do

[spoiler]rather quickly leads to railroading for example in my current run as I was trying to communicate all text messeges show that that kara wasn’t able to hear me yet I get the achivement of successfully communicating with her. Or when I try to chase Robin away the choices don’t match the narrative:
The Grim and I
by Thom Baylay

So what are you going to do? If you’re really fighting for love then you need to get Robin out of the picture. Anyone who moves in on a grieving widow is bad news. And you’ll be here if James decides to cause trouble. You just need to figure out what to do to ensure that Kara turns down the offer of support.
I’ll knock over my wedding photo to get Kara’s attention.
I’ll switch the music to play “I Want To Hold Your Hand.”
I’ll try to shift the curtains so that the sunlight illuminates Robin in a guiding light.
I’ll do nothing. If I intervene it might scare Kara into sending Robin away.
I’ll do nothing. I’m still trying to let go of caring about all of this. [/spoiler]
I tried taking pics but that didn’t work :frowning: edit: spoilering not working help please.

Again previously while “reliving” my death I accidently clicked I died of natural causes (stupid mouse didn’t react properly) yet in the next conversation with my valkyries about valhalla at my wifes house after chasing robin away the dialouge treats me as if I had been murdered.


Just wanted to say that this was both beautiful and disturbing in equal measure. I played through using my actual wife’s name and reacted like I thought I might in such a situation…and it legitimately brought me to tears. I’m definitely not getting any younger and thoughts of mortality creep in more often than when I was young and seemingly immortal. Really brilliant piece of writing, thank you for sharing it.


Ohmygosh, I love the character of the Grim Reaper so much! :skull: I am also curious if there’s a definitive RO ending for them, but regardless they were very engaging. :heart:

Need to try more routes and dig deeper once I have time, but I greatly enjoyed the first run through of the game. It’s very polished and your writing is immersive.

The confessesion + other side ending + changing the Reaper’s opinion on mortals seemed like a bittersweet RO ending to me. The newly dead person asks the Reaper if they miss anyone to which they hesitate and then change the subject (so they miss the MC) …Ouch, my heart. Also, the Reaper seemed more caring/protective of my MC after the confession, so perhaps that allows more RO type reactions branch for the Reaper??? I was satisfied with it romance-wise except my MC wished to stay with her Reaper. However, I feel the Reaper wants us to move on since it’s what’s likely best for us, so it’s sad, but beautiful…

Lovely work on this! It’s very moving. :slight_smile:


I cried a lot when i choose to focus on love. I cried for everything to be honest. It was actually hard for me to make some choices and it made me think a lot about life and death as a real person.
I loved the relationship and how you can interact with the reaper.
It’s the story I’m gonna read when I’ll be in need of a good crying, that’s for sure and it’s a positive thing for me.
I would have liked if it was possible to just have no emotions or be in complete denial of your own death. I dont think it is.

it says he saw 2 men a man and a woman


The choice between ambition and love seems a little forced.

After all, our loved one would get the profits from our work.

So it would be one last gift to our loved one.

If it’s moderately successful, then it helps take care of them. If it’s quite successful, it would allow the loved one to live the life of their dreams- go where they want, do what they want.


Somehow managed to get perfect end…
Never played something like this, so it was really interesting


Why can we no longer be at peace after knowing how we died?

We already suspect the sibling and the rival, so even if they did it it wouldn’t be a shock. Plus, the reaper told us it wasn’t the sibling. Same for natural causes. The reaper’s reaction when we made them the patron goddess of suicides suggests that isn’t how we went either.

So… what possibility … does that leave us…?


The rival I suppose.