The Grim and I by Thom Baylay - Released 27th Sept 2018



If you get the ambition ending and Robin helps to get your work out for the world to know the narrative makes clear that they only did it bc of their feelings for the spouse.


Yeah, I saw that ending, still feels weird to call them a love rival tho, the spouse never shows interest even if physically comforted or during the potential dinner they have alone together, can even tell the spouse that he/she should move on & be happy at the end only to get an annoyed “nobody will ever measure up” response.

Kinda feels like wasted potential, I would have liked a time jump where its 1-2 years after the funereal & have a situation where they’re both more obviously attracted to each other with the MC being able to be selfless by not getting in the way or even help by pushing them together, or be jealous & vindictive by deliberately sabotaging the relationship out of spite.

Is just a big one-sided crush as it is.


This made me curious. Set goal for my next playthrough is to play matchmaker with Robin and the spouse xD


I’m crying :cry:


I’ve done the ends, everything is great, the writing is fantastic and the plot flows wonderfully, each character is uniquely different and it all feels so real. I came out of it feeling like I’d just lived someone’s life and death and then finally moved on :joy:

I wasn’t sure whether to take his (Gwyn in my case) hand or stay behind because I’d grown so attached to him, I didn’t want to leave him. But the Other Side epilogue was so beautiful! I love how the Reaper’s character evolved throughout the story the more you understood everything, and how he became more open with the MC.

Anyway, enough rambling! You did a brilliant job with this, I absolutely love it- this is definitely one of my favourite COGs. Totally worth paying for :blush:


I seriously loved the interactions between you and your spouse, it actually made me tear up if you’re going all in on the love vice. The way that Grim and MC’s relationship was great but the sudden confession from death was surprising. That narrative was just great.
I love games where your loved ones have to deal with the consequences of you not being there anymore. If anybody knows any games like that whether it’s an ending or integrated in most of the story please let me know!


So, this magnificent piece of writing still makes me cry after reading it for the 4th time! Just a tip, don’t use the name of your actual love, just don’t :sweat_smile:


I used the name of the crush who’d rejected me. It was quite satisfying.


i still wanna know who killed us tho.



Probably an unknown stranger, or an accident happened to the MC? In other words, we’ll never know…


I’m sorry hahaha! In the Philippines it’s called being “marupok” which directly translates to brittle. Basically it means that you’d break at the smallest amount of love given to you and fall hard. HAHAHA!


Uh oh… my boyfriend just sent me this screenshot… I don’t dare warn him. :sweat_smile:


Hi, just wanted to add my voice here in supporting a Steam release if that’s ever a possibility :slight_smile:


Just finished this game and it was amazing, I absolutely loved it. Definitely going to try out Evertree Inn now. Thank you so much for this incredibly moving story.


This game really, really hit me hard. It is everything I fear about love and loss. The ambiguity kills me and I so desperately want there to be an ending where you can be with your loved one again…but I feel it would dilute your work of art. Still…please?

God I’m crying at work here.


Thank you for this game, it was beautiful. I was determined to get the MC to cross over but every time I thought I was ready, there was one more moment with the spouse I just had to participate in. I managed to say goodbye at the end with the spouse and go to the other side, but it wasn’t easy. Really thoughtful and well handled. It’s probably my favorite CSG from this year :slight_smile:


@ThomB Took me a while to realize at the end that i had to not talk to anyone in order to cross over. you damn brilliant bastard.


I keep seeing people say great things about this game, and it’s kinda killing me not being able to play it since it’s not available on Steam. Oh well, one can only hope.


Just buy it on here? Steam is convenient but it isn’t the be-all-end-all


I know. But due to some complicated reasons I’d rather not talk about, I can only buy games on Steam.