The Grim and I by Thom Baylay - Released 27th Sept 2018



Nobody has more clues or thoughts on how the MC died?


I know straight up how they died, if anyone wanted to know the direct answer.


Could you tell me how you found out?


I was intrigued by this game ever since I happened to find the demo a few months ago and I knew I was gonna buy it as soon as it came out. The Grim Reaper is best character and the mandatory spouse ended up not bothering me nearly as much as I thought it would. During the Love Vice I just skipped the kiss question and said we had a non-sexual yet loving relationship, so I basically made them more of a ‘best friend I married for the tax benefits’ then a lover. My AroAce soul is very pleased.


Why withdraw?


In the message box there is a cog icon that says options if you hover over it. If you then click blur spoiler it types out the necessary things to create a spoiler blur if you type in between the boxes it creates.


But in more pressing news, @Phoenix_Wolf says they know exactly how the MC died and has too much of a life to respond instantly! D: shame


So…I initially wanted my main vice to be Love, because I cared deeply about Alice. But then as the story went on, I found it impossible to choose and I flip flopped between ambition, love, fear, and rage. Then, in the end, I felt so betrayed that I blindly went for the most violent option and wound up with one of the Rage endings. Not what I wanted at all going into the story, but very fitting.


What makes this story so good is how invested it makes you feel about what’s happening without realizing it until you’re sat there with tears in your eyes.


Is it possible to have the MC’s spouse get together with the love rival? I’ve tried a couple of times to see but doesn’t seem like the spouse is really interested even if I kinda push them together, especially if doing the ambition choices.


The truth is within yourself…


heck does that mean? Our grim reaper is cryptic enough without you going hard on it too


Nah, it’s more through proess of elimination. the Mc has no real reason to jump out a window unless suicidal. The story gives no indication that nor choice to support this. Being electrocuted just a by a Socket… I can’t logically believe an adult human is killed by that. I know ppl that we’re shocked by very high Volts and they are fine so to speak. So thats leaves me to believe that the Mc was poisoned. Of course by the sibling because they went bat shit crazy with all this and is trying to kill our live if they get in the way for some stupid project of ours!


Okay so you don’t know , sounds like you know less than me in fact. check out my spoilered text above.


Geez dude this is what I got from the story. Literature is always open for interpretation.


That vice is labelled Rage for a reason. :stuck_out_tongue: I think that’s exactly what the author wants me to feel. Also I didn’t actually mean to come off that passive aggressive. But seriously read my notes about the MCs death if you want to see why I think you’re wrong about your conclusion cos you do get some more explicit info.


I won’t say it for this game, but I’ve seen others, and they would have the way the player died would be randomized.

However, in my playthroughs, this is what I got. This is just speculation on my part, and if no one highlight it if they want to avoid spoilers.

The how:

If you allow your spouse and the person who has a crush on them talk, you will get some details about your death. They will mention a toxicology report being clear, as well as a couple other things ruled out.

There is a way to get your spouse to mention how you died, and that was by a fall. However, she has no idea whether you were pushed or if it was an accident.

The why:

The NPCs can have their own reasons to off the MC, but my playthroughs basically showed they didn’t have it in them. However, there is a line about the Grim not meeting your eyes when you ask about the cause, especially if you chose ‘murder’.

So my gut is telling me that it was suicide. There can be a lot of reasons for it if you explore the path, but Grim also seems to try and not talk about it…since that might lead to some of the greatest bindings of all.

The who:

This one really isn’t answered. Your spouse gets visibly angry when she thinks the ‘crush’ assumes the spouse is responsible. If you blame your sister, and kill her, Grim says that your sister was innocent in this regard. If you talk to the crush, they have a thing for your spouse, but not to the point to kill you.

It is possible to ask the Grim near the end to tell you the truth how you died. This ultimately leads to a fade in black. My supposition is that it was the MC themselves.


Your deduction and reasoning seem the most detail and believable :slight_smile:


All this makes a lot of sense apart from two details:

One: There is absolutely no motive whatsoever for MC to kill themselves, heck the entire game could be seen through a lens of why MC doesn’t/didn’t want to die. That being said, maybe that’s the point and why your conclusion is such a twist?

Two: As someone mentioned earlier (and I confirmed), if you choose to have your reaper as the ‘avatar’ of suicide, the reaper heavily implies that’s not how you died. Again to counter my own point though, they could just be lying to save you like they do constantly throughout the story.


nods I haven’t had time to play through with the various death avatars. Since I have seen some of the flavor text change with different choices, it is not unreasonable to think that some of the other information will change with it.