The Grim and I by Thom Baylay - Released 27th Sept 2018



This game was so good that I downloaded and played 5 runs of it yesterday - amazingly written, intriguing characters, and definitely an engaging storyline (and mystery!) to follow.

I managed to get 3 different epilogues and finally reached the achievement to move on after messing up on two of my playthroughs. Just gotta say bless you for not writing one about our lover returning after old age because that’d probably break my heart even more :sleepy: Unless that is actually one of the epilogues, then I’ll probably have to ultra-prepare myself

Also! Does anyone know how to successfully escape the seance with the Reaper? I managed to do it once but I couldn’t repeat it the second time!


It’s definitely possible. I’m trying to remember how I did it from memory the less chains the better, and take the grim’s hand when they first tell you to. Someone whose played it more recently may be able to remember more exactly though.


I did buy it on my phone, but I’d buy it again in Steam. I played the one you had up before, and commented, and it hits me in the feels even now. Only game that made my get tears in my eyes, I think. Congratulations, you made me cry. :grin:


This will be the first Choice of Game my boyfriend has ever played. 8)

He’d better like it, or else.


@MindGlitch To escape the seance you can either hold the reaper’s hand (when having few chains) or channel your rage to break off and escape (I got this while playing with high rage so I don’t know if it worked with other vices)

Also I wonder how we can see the achievements…?

Anyway I’m currently on my 4th playthrough and I absolutely LOVE this. This game made me feel like when I first played a CoG series. I love that it’s not really dependent on stats (I suck at those) and I actually prefer playing blind in my playthrough. some dialogue between our MC and the Grim Reaper also made me really emotional :cry:


If you’re on mobile, just click the three little dots on the upper right side (beside the “show stats” button) and a list of options will display. The second option will show your achievements (I don’t think it’s much different if you play via a computer, but I’m not sure since I haven’t done so myself)! :slightly_smiling_face:


Oooh I see. I currently use the omnibus hosted games app and usually the achievements button is on the stat page but I can’t find it anywhere. :thinking:


There are a couple of things missing on the Omnibus App. The achievements information is missing as well as a portion of the credits.
I’ve reported this to Hosted Games so hopefully they’ll update it soon.

I believe that everything is fine on the Google Play version but if anyone notices otherwise please let me (or HG) know :slight_smile:


Thanks, I have been getting achievements but its not as fun when you can’t see them in a list.


Ah! I loved it so much. How many endings are there? I’ve played like around 5 times already and I only ever get 2. Also, is there a way to be with Grim??? Ever hahahaha!


Thom, I’m only on Chapter 3, but thus far I’m very impressed. I love Death, the writing is simple but smooth, and I can tell I’m gonna get clobbered with emotions as the story goes on. I have to say that this is the first CoG in years that I haven’t been able to put down. And I’m at work right now. o.o


First I’d like to say that although I expected to get emotional from this story, I didn’t expect that I’d be crying probably more than I ever have at a story, ESPECIALLY not from love scenes! This is really just a masterpiece and is one of those short and sweet CoGs that will forever be an untouchable all time fav.

The fact that you don’t get to see what the other side looks like is just as brilliant as it is deeply infuriating but honestly it fits the themes of the story perfectly. On a similar note, here are the clues I have about our MC’s death so far: During the seance, I find out that I fell out of my office window and forensics consider it an accident. During my final words to my brother he tells me that he wasn’t the one who killed me (even though he’s the prime suspect) and I believe him. The bad ending where you give in to your temptation and ask Grim Reaper to tell you about your death not only doesn’t give you peace and causes you to be chained forever, but it doesn’t tell us the reader how ‘we’ die. The only clue it may give is that in the epilogue, you hear rumors that your death may have been supernatural. It’s a shot in the dark but I’d conclude that my best guess would be that you were pushed out your window by another ghost? If anyone has any ideas, information to add or answers that’d be great. I have a feeling though that your death IS actually unsolvable and that’s the point but I’d love to be proven or confirmed wrong. Does the author even know?


How are you doing this? You’re mastering my emotions.


Some people are very clever and good at things :V


This is a brilliant masterpiece. Waited so long for this, it was delayed twice, yet it’s been worth the wait. It’s different from the usual fantasies, is very well written and completely absorbs you into it. Hats off to Thom Baylay. This is an all time HG classic.


This cog was amazing! Did not disappoint at all. It felt so realistic. Most games feel unrealistic not in the sense that they’re bad games but just that they have a more fantsy feel to them. This game didn’t hold back which is what I loved about it, it wasn’t fake and didn’t sugard coat. It showed just how wrong the world is, but also how right it can be. I have a question though, is the grim reaper a romantic interest? Although I fell in love with my spouse, there’s just something about the grim, that character who is always stoic, yet looking out for you and then ends up falling for you…


No only the spouse


I’m not sure if I already wrote down my thoughts about this (the first time around when it was up for playtesting), but I’ll do it anyways, and risk repeating myself.

I think the Grim Reaper is a very well thought out character. Every harsh reaction had its reason, and nothing was ever over explained. Some questions remain, but I belive that’s within reason. Especially considering the type of game this is. Let me add that making Grim either grow to dislike you, or regard you almost fondly in the end, is one of my favorite features. :heartbeat:

I also appreciate the fact that the game isn’t overly stat-based. It’s a relief actually, since I easily get obsessed with stats otherwise.

The game is customizable, but it only covers what counts, I think. Or what makes the game have an impression on you. This is something I appreciate, kudos to you! All in all, I really enjoyed the experience of playing The Grim and I. You’ve done a wonderful job @ThomB! :smile:


@Toco - Great feedback - I will sign on to your feedback as you cover everything I would say.


Just wanted to say that I enjoyed the Grim and I, but that seems to be the consensus on the thread already :wink:

I know if it is ever released as a Hosted Game on Steam, I would pay for it for a second time.

The only quibble I could foresee is that some people might resent being stuck in a relationship at the start. Mind you, I was fine with that…after all, lost love is definitely one of the fetters often attributed to why a ghost might stay bound to a place.