The Great Wild, need help with it

I’ve begun work on my new game The Great Wild. In it, you can play a Wolf, Mountain Lion, Bear, or Coyote. The basic premise of the game is just to live till old age

I have no idea how long it’ll be when it’s done or how often I’ll update but I’ll try to keep it continuous.

To play the demo, go here: http// when I find out how to do this
Also if anyone would be kind enough to tell me how to do this or help me with the game it would be a great help.


I like the idea of the Game, looking forward to seeing more!

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Thanks, I probably won’t be able to actually add anything until Monday though. I need to find out how to use Choicescript.

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Have you take a look at master list: links for beginners?

Thank you for the link but the main trouble, is that I both don’t have any knowledge about this and my computer is broken and I won’t be able to use a computer until Monday. I’m using my IPad right now and I can’t use choice script on it.

If you can type, you can write a story. Just worry about the story first and the coding later.

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Alright then, I’ll have to balance making the game, writing the plot, and school.

“To begin, download the ChoiceScript source from GitHub, extract the zip file, and open the web/index.html file in Firefox.” What does that even mean? I have no idea how to do this except extract the file and that does nothing. I’m very confused.

After you extract the files (preferably to their own folder), go into their .../web/ directory and find the file index.html. And then use Firefox to open said file.

Why Firefox?
There’s actually one reason that can’t be explained without being easily understandable, but for now, deal with it :pray:t4:

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