The Great Tournament Sequel



I’m gonna pm, this is going on. To far


Updates to save in The Great Tournament 1 should now be live. That should be version 1.1.0 on Google Play, and 1.0.2 on iOS. (Up until this point there was no previous save function.)

If you’re restoring from The Great Tournament 2 without replaying TGT1 to make a save, it should report that you don’t have any saves stored. If you’re having other difficulties, please make sure to email support so we can look into it further.


I have recently purchased the great tournament 2 and I would like to import my first saved game into the second one how do I do that?


Make sure to play through TGT1 until the option to save pops up, put in your email, then save. Then in TGT2, choose the option to restore a game, and put in your email, and the saved game should pop up in the list.


I have downloaded the game on my iOS but when I try to buy the game, it says “purchase failed and it said to check my network settings and try again later.” But my internet is fine. Please help


Yeah, it looks like there were two others on the thread that had this issue and I am as well. Had it for the first one too (I just bought that one last week), but I updated my iOS and it let me buy the in app purchase.

For some reason, I can’t get anything to let me buy this one. I’ve tried re-entering my information, restarting my phone, deleting and re-installing the app, signing in an out, and I’ve triple-checked my settings to make sure it allows purchases and in-app purchases.

It’s almost definitely an Apple problem, but I’m posting this here in case anyone finds a way to solve it.


The is currently a game breaking bug with purchasing on iOS. I’m submitting a request for an expatiated update right now.


Do you have any idea about “initial release” which is shown the play store page of the game.Whole game is not out now?


I don’t know if this out of topic or not and if it happened with another android users, but this is happened to me. Does that mean i couldn’t the use the credit that i had on my phone anymore to purchase games from CoG, or this is a bug…?. I usually bought the games using the credit on my phone and it was fine.

Edit: nevermind, it’s already fixed.


This is all it shows


Now it just says this


It is fixed now thank you for the help.


I’m having a few days vacation was thinking of starting to play, but have anyone ever discovered bugs in it? If there was this, I think it’s best to wait for a patch to start, at least me, so I’m asking, I think my experience will be better this way


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I have just finished the game. It was great. But i feel like… something was miss. Like important people did nothing in my game:) players probably will have to play the game like 20 times to finish it with every ending.


The game was good but not better than its predecessor. I have just played the game once so what I said below can change once I play through multiple times.

I found the time skip at the beginning very awkward. And we know nothing about what has transpired in other characters’ life except for Varys. Even for Varys, I would say it was more like a status report. I would have really wanted to continue after the Great Tournament. Sir Robert( the best character according to me) could have been given more time. Semia was a great character but was not convincing enough for me to leave Hannah for her. In short, I felt the pacing was way too fast and also felt other characters were not utilised properly


I %90 agree with you. Characters were not detailed. And the game was like short to me. But anyway, this game and other games of jerieth are one of the best in CoG games. And he deserves respect. I liked game but yeah, i couldn’t become closer with characters…


I agree with u on the point that the game is good. I just wanted to make this post to ensure that people don’t misunderstand my post as bashing the game…I just love the first one a lot.
Maybe that is the reason why I feel the characters are not utilised properly

[spoiler]The fact is, when i clicked the choices in the beginning, i saw this second game is not just “a” game. It contains so many game which depends the choices you made in the first game. This must have been hard to write. We must thank Jerieth about this.  I will play first game from the beginning. Let’s go.[/spoiler]


Gonna be honest, probably not going to be able to play this one.
I finished GT1 before the save system was added and upon playing it through a second time and losing in the final tournament, I have to say that game is way to long and has way too many failure states considering how it has no checkpointing system.