The Great Tournament Sequel



Go to that link and press add to wish list then back out go to the Google play store app go to wish list then you will see it and press down load what i did


Wow man, i played and died. This game is much harder than the first one tho.


This is happening for me too on itunes. Seems that we have to wait for a fix.


@Jerieth man is there a problem with the game? I am losing “every” fight i join. Every one of them. Even i boost my agility any strentgh i still lose. I do not want to give spoilers but i cannot understand ??

Edit: i keep dying in same part(the part that you can die)


How do you retrieve your saved game though ? There was never a save function in the first one


It updated, you can save games now


Oh thanks, you’re a godsend


What updated gt1 or gt2 bc having the same problem


There is no update yet for app store, if you’re using iphone/ipad.


No i have a Android so


So i don’t know sorry


Did u get the update


No GT1 is 1.0.1 and GT2 is 1.0


Ok think he was talking about the gt1 update bc there was one


Great tournament 1 had an update


On which platforms? Hosted games just released the zombie game but no update
Edit: no zombie releasment. My app store showed it as newest game. I think it was just an update.


Is there an option to restore your gameplay on gt1 to gt2


I only know that Apple had the update, everything else is unknown


You can save then carry your data from gt 1 to gt 2


There was a thing oh gt2 that saud you can restore gameplay from gt1 but when i put in my email it says cant find it and no options on gt1 about data