The Great Tournament Sequel



Wow man, i played and died. This game is much harder than the first one tho.


This is happening for me too on itunes. Seems that we have to wait for a fix.


@Jerieth man is there a problem with the game? I am losing “every” fight i join. Every one of them. Even i boost my agility any strentgh i still lose. I do not want to give spoilers but i cannot understand ??

Edit: i keep dying in same part(the part that you can die)


How do you retrieve your saved game though ? There was never a save function in the first one


It updated, you can save games now


Oh thanks, you’re a godsend


What updated gt1 or gt2 bc having the same problem


There is no update yet for app store, if you’re using iphone/ipad.


No i have a Android so


So i don’t know sorry


Did u get the update


No GT1 is 1.0.1 and GT2 is 1.0


Ok think he was talking about the gt1 update bc there was one


Great tournament 1 had an update


On which platforms? Hosted games just released the zombie game but no update
Edit: no zombie releasment. My app store showed it as newest game. I think it was just an update.


Is there an option to restore your gameplay on gt1 to gt2


I only know that Apple had the update, everything else is unknown


You can save then carry your data from gt 1 to gt 2


There was a thing oh gt2 that saud you can restore gameplay from gt1 but when i put in my email it says cant find it and no options on gt1 about data


Which version are you talking about? I have no option of saving ?