The Great Tournament Sequel



The great tournament 2 is out on apple!!


It’s live folks! My life has a purpose again :smiley:


It’s out on google play! Oh man, you guys are good. Heh.


Could you post a link cant seem to find it.


I checked it in their main site,


…I love you…


Me too. I love me too. :joy:


Seems like it’s not gonna be released on Steam till February 22nd FeelsBadMan


FINALLY, It’s here :slight_smile:


Got it, can’t but the full game for some reason


I’m 20 levels of confused


It’s amazing to see how detailed it is despite its price and For The Glory Of Valra (survival scenario) + The Staff Of Power (alternate scenario) !! Im so hyped! I need to finish the first game because i’ve deleted it long ago and i would like to continue the first games stats. Its gonna be hard waiting to start this one. It’s so nice to see the effort put into the game :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I can’t either. It’s says check network and try again later.


I am downloading on my iphone…
I am coming guys, save your knights from me!


It is not on play store?where is it?


Can someone help me with the Google sign in thing idk what to do so confused


Wait, but how do we suppose to retrieve out last playthrough from the first game ? Obviously there was no save function on the first game right !


It’s already on google play store bro. Check 1 more time


That what im talking about it says to me email dont work


Go to that link and press add to wish list then back out go to the Google play store app go to wish list then you will see it and press down load what i did