The Great Tournament Sequel



I don’t think I’ll be able to bear it if it’s delayed.


Yeah… i hope it won’t delay too :smile:

the last title of HG was delay in Google playstore …so i hope Great Tournament 2 can publish as plan :slight_smile:

It is going to be an interesting weekend for us :smile:


Is there a problem? Game not releasing tomorrow? I hope no. I was waiting for this :frowning:


Today is The Great Tournament Day!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: yeeeeeeepppppiiiiweee…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


@solo @Rohan_Das

The status for Great Tournament 2 had been set to Pending Release :no_mouth:

and there had been suggestion that due to unforeseen circumstances , the release date may be delay …

But nothing is confirm yet, so we will just have to wait and see what happen…if the Great Tournament 2 is not released today or tomorrow , then the next release date should be next Thursday ? i am assuming all release date is set on every Thursday :slight_smile:

Hmm… another anxious week for us :smile:




Hahaha… i am sad too, it will affect other releasing title as well since everything will be push back.

Initially i am expecting to purchase Great Tournament 2 today and Wayhaven Chronicle next week , two consecutive week of great release … but now hopefully Great Tournament 2 can be release by next week while Wayhaven the following week, but we are still not sure… maybe we will have good news today or tomorrow ? :smile:

Anyway… it is good for HG/CoG to have two appealing titles consecutively :grin:


You are probably right…Comrade or Czar game has not yet been released on Google playstore yet. So maybe it will release today and the other games are pushed back a week…This is just a guess anyway…Let’s hope I am wrong




Yes… i totally understand how you feel,

Magincia may be ruin or invaded without the wise and just ruling of our main character :disappointed_relieved:


My week was not that great. But the news of releasement of GT2 made me feel great. But today, i am more upset and curious about situation of releasment. We don’t even have a date now.


So, we are the ruler of the country in this game? Good to know. :wink:


Yeah…i agree with you totally, was a bit upset last Friday but once i read that Great Tournament 2 release date was supposed to be yesterday, i forgot what i supposed to be upset altogether … now i kind of lost after settling with my reading plan… now i guess i need to find some pro-wrestling clips from youtube to cheer myself up :smile:

I think so… @Jerieth mention we only need to choose the ending from the prequel in order to start the story in Great Tournament 2… so i am assuming becoming a King is an option , since in my ending of Great Tournament 1, i end up winning the tournament, marrying Princess Hannah and becoming the crown prince of Magincia … so logically i should be the ruler of the Kingdom now :smile:

although some mention they can turn the Kingdom into a Republic , but i didn’t playthrough that route … there is no way i am handling in my ruler-ship to the Republicans , i want to hear the chant of “Long Live The King” in eternity :grin:


Why it is taking so long?? WHYYY??? :sob::tired_face:


I think it had something to do with either Play store or Apps store holding back the release date ?

I am not sure … it is a possibility since Comrade or Czar being hold back by play store too :slight_smile:

I am guessing the next possible release date is next Thursday :slight_smile:

Wow… after reading back some of the earlier spoiler by @Jerieth , now only i can guess who was that Woman in the Golden Chariot, i believe she is the Queen of our neighbour who invaded us in the original Great Tournament , me and Sir Robert beat her invasion army before and now she is leading the invasion herself… awesome scene :smile: and it is nice to notice Abilene be given more important role this time

Ahhhh… the spoilers just make me more anxious for the release of Great Tournament 2 :smile:


Google if you do not release this in the next 12 hrs I WILL CALL REDDIT!


And this is how the great reddit rebellion of 2018 began such a long and arduous war that had no equal during the digital age.
Narrated by Morgan freeman, a great tournament story


Co-Narrated by Peter Dinklage, Written by Gabriel Morton.


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The Great Releasment 2.
(Pending Release)
“Oh, come on!”