The Great Tournament Sequel



Hey, started your game around 2 or 3 weeks ago and for someone who doesn’t like reading I LOVED the great tournament. What really stressed me out was always thinking “Please don’t tell me the game ends here!” And every time it didn’t end i was so relieved. (Loved my ending btw) But if i could choose, i wouldn’t add a progress bar because I don’t wanna know how little I have less as the bar grows larger and larger. I wanna see the whole story through without thinking this is the end. Loved Swamp Castle, The Great Tournament, and i have high hopes for the sequel. So please keep these games like they are in this sense


Me too :smile:
I think the same


Sequel s already out


@Maehul @Leop

Hey… Friends all, Great Tournament Sequel Release date is 8th February (next Thursday) :smile:
I already help made the announcement on the comment column of the original game… hopefully it will help re-gather the mass followers of the Great Tournament


Congratulation for the release of your Great Tournament Sequel … the original great tournament and Vampire House were the 2 interactive novels that introduce me to the exciting world of HG/CoG :smile:
and now i just can’t stop reading the novels from HG/CoG
Good luck and wish you the best for your future project…buddy :smile:


well then it’s time to save money as a maniac! oh and congratulations!


Hehehe…i already reserve some money to buy at least 3 more HG/CoG since last year :grin:

I think in the sequel… we will finally lead our army to war with our evil neighbour , i am just curious whether we could bring along Hannah to the battlefield since her swordsmanship is only second to us, of course Nadine has to be there as she is the deadliest sharpshooter …

i am also curious whether we will have to fight off rebellion from those Republicans … :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Can’t believe it had already being a year since i marry Princess Hannah and became the Crown Prince :smile:


but I use my money to buy some ps3 games :cry:

Republicans?..that it’s only a euphemism that thoses people use to steal my power :face_with_monocle:…so of course there will be war!


what I want to see is how I will care and talk with my 10 childrens in the same game :disappointed_relieved:


hahaha…i think the price of HG/CoG is not that expensive , i notice some other novels/game products on my phone are ranging from $20-$100 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: so assuming i don’t buy these game diamonds , i could buy quite a lot of HG/CoG novels this year :smile:

I am willing to give them a chance to negotiate a peace deal , some sort of power sharing agreement with them … well, i forget her name but one of those Republican is a friend too :stuck_out_tongue:

I think i only have 3 children … but hey, i know i already learn Fire Magic… but i didn’t manage to cast Fireball to burn Malik in the first game, although hit him with a shield before slaying him was satisfactory as well :smile:


Holy crap… this Thursdays gonna be GREAT, it’s just gonna suck that I’ll be asleep all day from the EXCITEMENT keeping me up until then.


Did anyone marry Ashera


Was Ashera the woman with the republic debates? I married her once when I made the kingdom a republic


Woot! Looking foward to it, thanks for letting us know @Eric_knight


You are most welcome :smile:

I had just realise that the first Great Tournament had a download of 500,000 in Google playstore , that is actually a top 10 download for free e-novel, in fact Great Tournament is competing against mostly Visual Novel s where the main theme is Love story … so for a fully text based interactive novel without visual and background music , 500k download is an amazing achievement , and it put our Brand of Hosted Games/Choice of Games right there at the top as well :smile:

imagine if we can convert 20% of those download into paid-readers, that will be 100,000 of paid readers :smile:

hence, I hope Great Tournament Sequel will perform well next week as it will give HG/CoG a massive boast in the long term … but i agree it will still be a difficult task to convert free readers into paid readers , let see what happens starting next week :slight_smile:


My god, I was not expecting this release. I was just looking at net and saw this update. My heart… I just cannot wait. So much congrats man. And thank you Eric for giving the new…
Waiting for Hannah :slight_smile:


Just like you, i can’t believe to finally continue the adventure of Great Tournament again… it had been 10 months ago since i read the original Great Tournament, it was only my 2nd HG back then…the raw experience of becoming the protagonist of a fairy tale is still fresh in my mind (and the manner for me to receive my knighthood still feel like a dream comes through), in my first playthrough i was anxiously reading it past midnight just to see whether all my preparation was enough to win the tournament and asking for Hannah’s hand in the end… the scene when the panel of judges asked what will i request for the Boon of winning literally still gives me goosebumps :smile: i was so proud to request for Hannah’s hand’s of marriage :blush:

I still can’t believe @Jerieth really gives us a sequel :smile:


Im excited to see a sequle kind if unexpected if you ask me but none the less im glad to see a sequel


Oh Yehhh !!! Just one more day before my accession to the King-hood finally… First experience to be a King should be too sweet :grin:

I already lay out my ruling plan :slight_smile:

  1. Sir Richard will be my prime minister
  2. Ben the court wizard and advisor
  3. Hannah the military General
  4. Vary Commander of the Royal guard
  5. Abeline the spy/assassin Master
  6. Ashera the Diplomat if she accept it ( an ally within the Republican should be nice)
  7. Nadine the Forest Master

I remember Magincia used to be thrive with both Druids and Fire Mages…so it is time to return to those glory days :stuck_out_tongue:

That means more forest that are deem sacred and enriched with traditional herbs shall be preserve , no agriculture and hunting activities should be allow in the Druids’ sacred forest . More academy of mages should be build to encourage the study of Magic :smile:

Finally , there shall be Open test for all Mayor post …only the most qualify administrator shall be allow to host the mayor post in all regions. Mayor shall be accompany by a captain of the guards (who will be employ in a separate test of Arms) :grin:

oh yeah…hope the Google Playstore doesn’t hold back the release date :grin:


Its just says Pending Release hopefully it hasn’t been delayed :cry:


Really ??

i didn’t check it yet…oh that’s sad, i was waiting for one whole week :no_mouth:

i saw it now… perhaps they want to edit check it ? the previous HG title got a bad reception, maybe they want to ensure future titles are up to quality?.. but i will be disappointed if it is going to be delay :slight_smile: