The Great Tournament Sequel



During my game I asked for Hannah’s hand in marriage as my boon and ended up having to kill cuthvel and found out that sir Robert is still alive and i dont know if it matters but varys and eadric are still alive and ben as well and Nadine but I didn’t really interact with her that much, and my only land was redwood. I’d love to be in the beta if possible but im not sure what all was super important besides what I just listed


Use spoiler tag.


Any news?
The game one is incredible!
Is it still in beta?

I finished the game marrying the Princess and Robert alive.


Hi Leop,

The game has finished beta testing and has been approved by COG. Not sure when the release date will be, but hopefully soon!


Hey I just wanna know that is this the highest rating among all COG/Hosted games? :heart_eyes:



Hey buudy…good to hear that your sequel is coming :wink:

Is it we need to save our previous game to be loaded to the sequel ? I need to play everything again so that i can save the optimum outcome to be carry over to the sequel…Lol


Hi! I love the first game, but there is something I would like for this sequel… more humor, comedy AND MORE SARCASTIC ANSWERS, like Sir Robert.

Good luck and happy chirstmas.


I’d be willing to beta test. I have lot’s of free time. I’m curious as to when you’ll be adding a save option to the original.

chose lands and titles for my boon,
which let me prove who(bad with names, sorry) was behind sir Robert’s murder. Supported Hannah for Queen(because I couldn’t choose varys) and she ruled peacefully


There will be a couple options regarding transferring your choices, so if your last playthrough doesn’t have all your ideal choices don’t worry you will have the ability to answer questions.


I’d be very happy to beta test the next game, I’ve got loads of free time and I’ve completed the great tournament countless times with countless different outcomes. Big fan! Very excited for part 2.


Are swamp castle and the great tournament in the same world?


yes… …


Yes,they are in same world


i loved the great turnament it was the second cog i played but still my favorite
i would like to have the chance to use magic more often in the sequel …!!


have you done beta testing


if i were correct, the game has now been submitted and waiting for authorization from CoG and released.


Is there an obvious time to releasing game ?
Btw i am already ready for 2 and looking forward to 3. Game! Make more games im magincia! I played swamp castle and it was great too! Good job man


currently, no. but it will released in 2018, probably March or June, since the game is just waiting for release.


Wow thats a little bit late! But thanks anyway.


@Jerieth hi friend sorry for asking but do you have any idea how much will the game will be ? Again, I am so sorry for asking this. And sorry for being unpatient. I f*cking loved your work. You mustn’t stop!