The Great Tournament Sequel



Someone can help me?
I play the game and i achieve this option after the attack in arena:
"Brunich has done enough to give us cause to declare war with them…any military action we take would be justifiable."
But i replayed recent and can not achieve this option more.
Someone knows the requeriments?
One more thing, after this i pick my second in command, and he says this:
"He tells you that you currently have a fighting force of 750 veteran soldiers."
But in the other time i have played the number is 1000 soldiers? It’s some of your stats or actions affects this number too?
Thank you all :smiley:


wow…really? i thought it was always there ?
Did you increase Diplomacy or Intelligence ? :smile:

But before that, i think you need to send Diplomat or spies to gather information before getting this option :smile: because they will bring back proofs of Brunich involvement :smile:


Yeah, but it’s possible send only one option no?
Diplomat, spies or interrogation of citezens in the capital, only if the option fail it’s possible send another one i think. I try to put intel and leadership stats high and this not works, after it i try to raise widsom too but not work too, it’s possible is other combination of other stats? I very confused :sweat_smile:
I continue trying here :smile:


But i spend all skill equally …i think i add more on agility
I get it done twice without problem, i knew it was Brunich …i only sent Diplomat and they always return with proofs :smile:

but wait… i think i send another diplomat mission , where Lady Antonia claim she doesn’t knew anything abut it… then i got that option of marching to Brunich :smile:

but hey @Jerieth got another WIP, "Life of a Mercenary " it is another adventure set in Magincia… try it out too… it is awesome :smile:


I try it, thanks by the help :wink:
Wait, you know what factor influence in the number of soldiers too? It’s determined by stats or choices? Or it’s random?
Another thing very intriguing, sometimes the game give me 750 and in others 1000


I will have to take a look out it. Maybe something was changed to conform with the restore save and that accidentally changed something. Thanks for telling me Eric!


You are welcome, i initially didn’t notice since i am Romancing Hannah anyway :smile: … but yesterday a poster was requesting the route of Romancing Nadine , then only i realise i can’t romance Nadine anymore :smile:

I didn’t know … and never bother , because i win all my battles with fewer number of troops, those barbarians were no match for the great Knights of Magincia :grin: First, i Fireball them, lead the charge and send them to their after-lives one by one … :smile:


Is the option to tell her about your feelings grayed out or not there at all? Did you try hunting and catching a fox / rabbit for her?


The options were just not there anymore…

and the option of giving her fox and rabbits also gone :smile:

after the visit about her book reading, we only have one option of chatting with her… no other options available at all :slight_smile:

i remember we can give her rabbit and fox… but those are gone too …

so without option of giving her rabbit and fox, we won’t reach the option of expressing our feeling right? :slight_smile:


If you go hunting for small game, you should be able to capture a rabbit or fox. Then when you visit her the option should be there. Hmmm…might email COG to take a look.


I did try it… i manage to capture the rabbit and fox, and i even train it … but when i visit Nadine , i only have one option of chatting with her , No more option of giving the fox/rabbit :slight_smile:


Yeah, I noticed that too


Nadine’s Romance is the 2nd best next to Hannah’s , especially that blindfold shooting scene although we need to tie the score with Nadine 24-24 in order to have that option :smile:

hope it can be fix :slight_smile:


how to find entitled dagger when mc’s son/daughter went to the merchant’s study room? and why “kiss malik” option isn’t available?


I didn’t play that path, hopefully other can help :smile:


ok… Helpppppp mee pleaseeeeee…


I think that there can be more combat scene where mc’s son/daughter went to rescue him/her mother…That rescue part and killing of king felt a bit short to me :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:


Hahaha… this is due to too many branches of story telling, as compare to Great Tournament one , if each of these stories be further expand , easily it will reach 1 million words count :slight_smile:

In General i was surprise those barbarians dare to kidnap Hannah during the peace negotiation and plan to sell her as slave !!! Luckily i chose to follow those shady figures who put her in a bag… i can’t imagine what will happen if they succeed in kidnapping Hannah, rest assure i annihilate every one of them after i manage to rescue Hannah , no more peace from my side…


How do you get that to happen?


Well… choose the path of marrying Hannah, towards the end, after Hannah return home from her peace negotiation with Valyra , we will further our diplomatic task with the Southern Barbarian tribes, when i chose the third tribe (the tribe that sells slaves), i chose to bring Hannah along, i thought it will be more successful by bringing her along…then after the dinner, the chieftain sent some lady servants to fetch Hannah back to tents, i chose to allow her to go the tent, then after i went to find Hannah, i saw few shady figures carrying a bag running away… i chose to follow them and realise they bind Hannah inside the bag, in an attempt to kidnap her and sell as slave… so i slay all of them and rescue Hannah from those monsters :imp: it was so close …