The Great Tournament Sequel



For your ruling council …adding the Valarian Knight-Kingdom as your ally will be perfect , they are loyal and honourable, they don’t ask moral question … once you sign an alliance treaty with them , they will come to aid you to crush any rebels that dare to rise up against us :wink:
the Valarians are equivalent to Jedi/Sith Knights, depend on how you regard them, but they are fierce-some and powerful Knights nonetheless … and they don’t ask question about why the rebels rise up against you :smile:


I’m glad you found that. :grin:

If you want even more story lines, try playing a game where you lost the great tournament, Sir Robert didn’t survive, Ben didn’t make it back to his grandchildren in time, and/or the difficulty is on hard.


I will play it from beginning. I mean Great T. 1 :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I tried to replay from GT1 before moving to GT2 and already had the latest update , but it seems that I couldn’t pick the hard difficulty, it was nowhere to be found, only easy and normal are available. Anyone can help ?


I think they made it that you need to buy the game now to unlock this difficulty.


Really ? Wow, that’s bad. Or maybe it’s a bug I hope


For me, Hannah, Nadine and Abilene are all great ROs… the plot story involving them are all touching Nadine’s scene when guiding us with the bow and showing us her new hut in the forest , Abilene’s reaction after she fail to cheat us with card game and when she was sad with her Blue dress… not to mention both of them help us in the tournament … But in the end, it was the moment with Hannah that was most memorable for me, since the day i met her in the stable, it was a tough choice but i had to ask for Hannah’s hand :slight_smile:


I’m on my second playthrough (first had imported TG1 save, second not so much due to infuriating 300 day section :hugs:) and I must say the amount of work done with different paths is highly commendable, great job @Jerieth! How I wish both titles had at least a checkpoint save system though.

Nevertheless, I’m enjoying the game very much, it’s a nice addition to the series.

Lord Fragglesworth scene is pure gold. Would be hilarious if we could dupe those 3 fine gents into buying some precious roadside fragglerock :+1:


Can you pick the hard difficulty on TG1 ? Or maybe we have to buy now to unlock that difficulty


It unlocks after your first playthrough now, i believe…


The Great Tournament is the best hosted game i ever play!!!1!


I didn’t like Hannah in the 2nd game. She used to be nice and sweet but now she only cares about being queen and the crown, she isn’t really the same person anymore.


Well, she’s the Queen and with great power comes great responsibility as the saying goes or rather what Uncle Ben said to spidey.


I’d have to disagree. During her route I saw someone who was doing their best given their position. As Queen, Hannah was still the kind girl that my MC fell in love with, but with added responsibilities and worries as only a monarch would have. Her choices were her own and as the Prince, I was there mostly to advise her instead of order her to do things my way. 'Cause of this responsibility to Magincia, I can’t blame her for not sneaking out of the palace, or causing mischief in town like she and I used to as teens.

Hell, she was flat out angry with me when I took things into my own hands without consulting her first. But what could I do? She was out of the kingdom at the time because she had to be the diplomat instead of me for once, so I had to act. LOL.


Game End:…


If you want a female badass mc… Then please lost the tournament… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Thank me later!! :relaxed::relaxed:


And if you try to send her a letter, eadrich pushes you to take a decision like for three times, i couldn’t go farther because he persuaded me to act. He says it might take months and such :slight_smile:


Is there any way to marry Hannah in “THIS” game. Like this scenario: We didn’t or couldn’t choose to marry Hannah. And then our paths came together again. Can we marry her in this game? Cause that would be great man. Just tasting marry her again…


…Yes! Multiple ways actually.



hey buddy…could you have a look at Great Tournament 1 ? the Romance Option with Nadine seems lock after the recent update :slight_smile: i had tried it out in several playthrough with all options… but in the aftermath after we become Lord of Redwood , after the third visit, where option of asking her about the book, the house , inviting her for practice and hunting were there, but after this visit…we can’t have further action with her, the choice of gifting her rabbit and fox are totally gone :slight_smile: Is this lock on purpose ? or now it require certain stat to unlock it ? :slight_smile:

I do get the scene where we further practice by blindfolding each other, then i have option of unfolding the cloth and kiss Nadine :smile: