The Great Tournament Sequel



You don’t have to play first game. Trust me.


I beat the first game and later noticed I lost the save cause it was before the save update, kinda annoyed to play again (mainly the 300 days before the tournament part is very long) . I tried a new game but it only gave me 10 points for stats, in the old game I had like 8 strength and agility, 18 wisdom, 6 intelligence/diplomacy and other high stats.


It wouldn’t matter if you had saved and played with it. Saves does not effect stats you begin with.


So is there any word on fixes to the game yet?


Wait so you begin with only 10 points? How can you beat Robert in the duel with these stats?


Fight defensive. And try to make him tired. Trust me. I had that problem too.


If you look at the code though your chance to win is very low. The game uses RNG and adds your agility/melee stats as a bonus. It uses a diceroll from 1 to 20 and adds your agility and melee stats to it. To block Robert you need to get at least 20 which means that with 2 agility/1 melee your chance to block is like 10% or so. When he is exhausted the chance is higher but is still pretty low and you’d run out of health already


This game was something of a disappointment, and, reading the comments, I think most people think the same and are too polite to say so. I mean, the game is alright, but not good. The first installment was better, much better, in my opinion.

First, the drop in levels comes to mind, which is something I do not understand. Essentially, if you win the tournament, you prove yourself to be the best knight in the realm. And who could be surprised when you were trained by Sir Robert, a living legend. Why, then, would a knight of your calibre, so well trained and so capable, essentially give up on the tournaments just because you became a Prince? Hannah rules as the Queen, so why on earth would you sit in the castle and do nothing, and for ten years at that?

Instead, it would have been better if you decided to travel to other kingdoms, participating in their tournaments. I would have traded the war system for this, something we could have done in that ten year period. You could have faced fresh blood, the best of the best that other kingdoms had to offer, and you could have had some interesting adventures in your travels as well. Hannah can have the throne if I can have the excitement. I even expected for Sir Robert to offer his own son to be your squire, as well as you to offer yours to be his one day. That would have been a nice touch, I think, and Rodin could have come to know you as you came to know Sir Robert.

There was also not much in the way of getting to know people. This was touched upon in other posts as well. Throughout the years, you could have kept tabs on your friends and their families, but instead they disappeared for years and years. After all, they were friends to the winner of the Great Tournament, even helped you. That would have lent them respect, enough for them to make good lives for themselves and their families. Even if not that, you could have at least got to know them again, see how they have changed and have been shaped by the years. Hannah had changed a lot, the weight of the crown pressing against her, and I was surprised this was never addressed. It is a shame such context was not explored. I felt as though, many ways, I had lost the woman that I married, which is why I pulled a coup and married Semia instead. And, as the Prince, I felt that you could have come to meet a great deal of people, not just Semia.

Speaking of characters, wasn’t Sir Robert meant to be crippled? At the end of the first game, it seemed as though Robert was physically unable to take up the sword, not necessarily that he chose not to. You could fight him, and he was still tough. Makes you wonder what he must have been like to face when he was at his full strength. Imagine, instead of Malik, that you had to face and best your own master to win the Great Tournament. Now, that would have been a fight for the ages! I was glad that Robert still had some fight in him, though. I absolutely had a crush on him, and I honestly regret that we cannot choose a female character. Melinda is a very, very lucky woman. :wink:

And then, of course, there was the ending. Which is to say that there wasn’t much of one. There was a great ending to the first installment, winning the Great Tournament and collecting you boon, but, after pulling the coup in this game, the game just… stops. Almost like, I haven’t hit the ending, but more that I have reached the end of an unfinished script. I was surprised, to say the least, that it was the end of the game. I at least expected to establish my rule, restructure society and become a tyrant, and stomp down anyone that got in my way. Or whatever I wanted to do.

All in all, I felt that this game was a draft to an unfinished story, and needed much more work doing to it. This was my first playthrough, and perhaps I needed to replay the first game mutliple times to acquire different outcomes and story arcs, but this playthrough hasn’t given me great enthusiasm to repeatedly game through the two installments just to find out. I probably will, at some point, but not as yet.

In the end, I would say this game is very average, and deviated away from the theme of the game; tournaments.


From what I played so far this game is actually a lot more like Swamp Castle than the previous game.
If you marry Hannah you get to manage the kingdom, get troops, try war and diplomacy etc, basically the same things you did in Swamp Castle. If you marry someone else you get the same things but just managing Redwood instead. You feel a lot more like a lord than a knight.


I guess no one played the story if you lost the great tournament…


I had played the story, the only problem is I can’t continue the game because of the failed purchase systematic failure.


Holy crap, I’m gonna do it right now


Wow I tried a bit of it now and it’s a lot better than the other paths. It’s a revenge story where you play as your child (can be a girl too) and try to overthrow Malik the evil king and find your parents


I have reserved judgement till I can play the full game with a save uploaded.


not to be a smartass, but that doenst excuse the other routes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

edit: almost forgot… Congrats for the reléase @Jerieth :wink:


Game Ends.

Me, behind my PC screen: … Wait. What? Was that… was that it?! That was very abrupt are you kidding me–

Clicks Next frantically

Me: Where’s the rest of you?!


Just finished it an I feel the same way


Gt2 was good but not great wish there was a better ending and idk to me it felt kinda short but over all it was good


It is kind of like when you watch a really good movie and are surprised when it’s over because it didn’t feel that long. I enjoyed it as well. I will try replaying with different settings.


Alright…i had play enough to gather some thoughts… basically Great Tournament 2 is an undervalue master piece… thanks @Jerieth for giving us a compilation of multiple stories with a price of only one., there are just tons of replay value in Great Tournament 2 , each with different “feels” of the MC’s legacy

In General , Great Tournament 2 can be divided into 2 major story path based on our Romance Option :slight_smile:
Path 1 : Path of Hannah
Path 2 : Nadine, Abilene, Ashera, Single
From these 2 paths… it can further divided into different branches of story telling , hence this can actually multiply into at least 10 stories into the price of one compilation , where else can you find interactive novels like this one?

In Hannah 's path , my main character had been treat with a traditional fairy tale of a life marrying a princess and later rule beside her as her trusted husband , we had been blessed with our children and the life of a role model husband and wife had been well written, really gives me the feeling of a happy royal family with different court duty, and also gives me the temptation of having affair with another lady …but there are multiple choice that define our legacy in a ruling royal family… plus there are military and diplomatic campaigns that keep me occupy until the final happy ending… for some it is bored , but this should what really happen for a grand happy ending…alternatively choose different darker path if readers have a darker hearts to do it

path 2 this is more interesting since there seems to be more adventurous story ahead, marrying other RO will each gives us a detail description on how we live our life marrying different RO… and remain single actually gives us potential Hidden romance , i don’t know how many hidden romance but i had just marry Karina from the neighbouring allied kingdom… again the military and diplomatic campaign are totally different from path 1, i manage to capture Lady/Queen Antonia and she will survive as compare to path 1… and leading the expedition campaign to aid the Valarian Kingdom is such a joy , here we have a chance to gain difference experience depending on our skill … like i said i had marry Karina but i am wondering whether marrying the King’s Fist Knight Lady Elena is possible

in addition hidden romance with Semia is also an alternative story line based on the path we choose

In the end. Great Tournament 2 is really exceeding the price i purchase for it…it is actually a combination of both the Good element of Great Tournament 1 and Swamp Castle … i agree some character’s story line can be further develop, but since the branches is so huge a lot of works need to be done… to be honest if these branches are fully develop , it may require 3 books of 1 million words each to complete … but for the limited time @Jerieth manage to complete this sequel is truly amazing… Respect to you, buddy :wink:

by the way, i think i found a bug, it is in the stat page where we are require to increase our skills before entering the Valarian campaign , it state the remaining days instead of remaining skills and the skill can added properly… i can’t paste it here since i am using smart phone to play :smile: