The Great Game: Realms Unveiled (WIP)

In a shattered world lies the remnants of a shattered empire. Humanity, who once bestrode the galaxy have fallen far and have fallen hard. Brought low by forces unknown to even your near omniscient ancestors.

The depth of the ignorance that clouds your world is such that it renders the inventions of the first Era, magic. However, ignorance is no great foe to the human mind, given time you will regain what is lost…

No humanity’s greatest foe is and always has been itself.

An insatiable lust for power and supremacy have long since corroded the seven realms of your world, the twisted hunger for even more, the thoughtless wars you perpetuate. A great and horrible game where the blood of millions is spilt. A game has begun it’s worst stages free of any semblance of oversight and order.

Indulge in unfettered authority. Shatter sprawling cities with a word, shatter men with a whisper.

All the realms unveiled to you. Will you take them? Or will you fall.



You play as one of the seven ‘rulers’. Rogue viceroyalty with godlike power and mountains of weapons many would consider divine.

Play a game of intrigue, fight grand and horrific wars. Find the secrets that have been shrouded for millennia.

World map


This game has had a different topic before…It continues now here, with all the ideas of the older demo much more fleshed out and ready to be realized. However it has returned. I hope you enjoy


another wip is crazy :sob: :pray:

looks interesting, just finished my first play through


“The blessing of ruination eh? Then I’m a poor choice of opponent for you…” *goto

{b]Physicality fail

looks like some of the code wasn’t done properly and also some of the words(letters) should be capitalized

There’s probably more depending on the choices you choose but those are the ones I found so far, regardless good stuff.


yes, you already know, please add saves :pray:

How to add saving

make sure you to put this in startup(at the bottom)

sm_init nameofgamehere | number of save slots here

so in your case

*sm_init thegreatgame | 5

and tick this on dashingdon
put *comment before the *sm_init thegreatgame | 5 for when you are playtesting the code, and then remove it whenever you’re going to upload the files to dashingdon and repeat


its back

Hm…I don’t get to choose my gender? Why?

Also, some suggestions:

1- Let us choose our ‘Scary’ name.

2- You could add a description of the houses, because really…? Nothing to say why we pick house Nightfall instead of House Lanister?

3- Could use more choices (Beside weapons), because as it is…it feel like the character is set and we only pick minor stuff like the color of his shoes.


It looks interesting I look forward to seeing more

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Thank you for reading. Critiques are always welcome.

The name selection.
-You’re not in your pov yet. That’s your father.

The houses
-The there’s no reason to pick any house name. The game of thrones names are just fun references certain characters will know about and mention later on.

character creation.

  • You’re not picking anything significant because again, that’s your father the only thing you’ll influences is the culture of the player empire which in turn affects the selection of weapons he had to pick from himself. You’ll have a chance to pick one for yourself.

Thanks! Everything is fixed. Save menu has been added.

By the WIP’s description, this is a game I would love to play. It’s hard to find games that really speaks to your interest. Many times I find myself scrolling up and down, looking for something to read.
I haven’t played the demo yet, but I’m sure it will be enjoyable.:innocent:
What was the older WIP’s name?

The game is indeed enjoyabke so far, looking forward to more, when the POV change.

Thank you! The next update is already nearly done. I hope you’ll enjoy.

As for the older WIP. It had the same name though I’m not sure if it’s still around…


It’s a shame we couldn’t choose the Roman culture

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Good luck on the game and stay healthy

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