The great and the hate moments of gaming


Basically a discussion about moments in games that we love and hate. Also talking about what was including in games that you liked and disliked and also what you wish it had.



I was playing a text based adventure and had gotten lost in a maze (your standard fare) but after trying for 5 minutes I got annoyed (know that the main character is a bird and I already knew this) so I basically gave up and typed fly and lo and behold my character flew and I solved the maze (that was the only way to solve it) that was one of the most beautiful moments I had ever had in my puzzle solving history.


Loved Mass Effect until the end then I hated it.


I loved mass effect too, maybe the fourth will be better, but I never minded the ending…


I am stranded on a desert island, and I’m forced to try and survive, gathering food, building shelter, purifying water, that sort of thing, while I also slowly unravel the mysteries of the island. It’s an interesting adventure game. SUDDENLY ROBOTS!!! And I have to shoot them. In a timed event! RARGGHHHH!!!

I hate mini-games in my adventure games. I hate when the mechanics suddenly change. I hate being forced to fight things in timed events. I don’t want to shoot things, if I did I’d play a shooter. If I wanted a game that relied on reflexes I’d play one of those, but I don’t. I want to play a point and click graphic adventure game.

It spoils all my fun, makes the game unfinishable, and just grrr.


@NukeboomV2 Me neither. :smiley:

I always hated that you can play the game after the ending. I mean, Sometimes it is helpful like when you have to get trophies/achievements but most of the time it does not make sense to play on.

Like in Watch Dogs, Once I completed the game Aiden Pearce said he was gonna move out of Chicago and stop being a vigilante, Yet I could continue you playing and the citizens acted as if nothing was unusual.

I also dislike it when developers leave ambiguous/cliffhanger endings, I know that most do that to set up for a sequel but it is down right annoying. (I wanna know what happens to T-Bone and Jordi, Ubisoft!)


I enjoyed the first Bioshock – good plot, nice twists (even if some were obvious a mile out), great marriage of atmosphere and theme. I’ve not come back to Bioshock 2 after the first time I ran into the new method of hacking machines. I had come to kind of enjoy the pipe-juggling of the first one; but I’ve got no patience for an unforgiving precision minigame in the middle of my FPS.


I also really dislike timed events, stresses me out. And I HATE puzzles in games that aren’t puzzle games. Combine those and the worst thing ever for me are timed puzzles. I think the Saints Row games had those and it drove me mad.

Speaking of Saints Row, and GTA as well, I really hated motorcycle chase missions. So frustrating, I was no good at them.

The best part of gaming for me is generally just a big challenge. There’s nothing better than just barely scraping by after a really tough challenge, it’s really what makes a game great for me.

Also, I LOVE the coup de grace feature in Dragon Quest IX specifically, those super dramatic moments were probably the most satisfying part of any RPG I’ve played.

Case in point:


I hate and love that you can change gender or look very very different without anybody commenting or without some kind of penalty.


I remember playing a dark elf in skyrim and all the guards called me sneak thief. I kinda enjoyed it actually.

On another note I remember playing it and after completing a qurst of semi importance I walked up to a guy to question him for some backstory and (know that I was basically wearing a necklace that said “I AM SINGLE” he basically confessed to me so I did the most logical thing at that time. I stopped talking to him, took off the necklace, and sprinted out of the room. That was a wonderfully akward scene as I didn’t know random dudes would just start confessing to my character.


I love Skyrim, it was just back-to-back epic moments. Best part of the game, though, the glitches. Having a dragon get stuck in a tree while you spam it with arrows is priceless.


I remember that a dragon corpse randomly spawn in town and starts glitching through a buildings wall and starts having spasms. Everyone just surrounded it and started yelling “DRAGON!” It was just… I died laughing.


@faewkless They called you sneak thief because you joined the thieves guild, not because of your race…


Hmmm. That would make sense.
Still doesn’t excuse that time a guy chllenged me to a fist fight because of the fact that I was a mer and not a man.


I once did a review of ME3 when it came out. I believe I described it as “like embarking on a month-long dream vacation where everything goes right, only to be anal-probed by the TSA on the trip back.”

Still rather proud of that passage.

On the other end of the spectrum when it comes to Bioware’s oeuvre: I am a really, really big fan of the court intrigue section of Dragon Age Inquisition (enough for it to be my main reason for replaying the whole thing). I think it’s a really good example of how visual design, sound, characters, and even the sparsest of mechanics (basically, the court approval bar) can set tone.

I really wish that the game didn’t wreck that tone by interrupting those atmospheric segments with bullshit combat interludes, but the fact that a AAA studio put time and effort into trying, and mostly succeeding in making court intrigue into an integral part of the gameplay, as opposed to just a breather episode is very much good stuff in my book.



Addendum: The Mass Effect 3 ending was like being anal-probed by the TSA and not even getting breakfast the next morning.

Agreed on the court intrigue section. The rulership parts of Inquisition were my favorites, generally.

Incidentally, did you play The Last Court?


I did, but I’m not sure how much I liked how stat-based it was, especially considering the fact that the mechanics seemed less transparent than Failbetter’s other stuff (especially Fallen London).


I never played mass effect (yea I lived under a rock).
Was it really that bad?


The Orlesian Ball was hands down my favorite part of DAI. It was a bit strange at first, but the sneaking around and just listening to everything happening around you was so cool. And the extra approval for being ‘fashionably late’ was hilarious.

I didn’t mind the ME3 ending so much until I read reviews of the game later. Then I was kind of upset at how lazy it was, but overall it wasn’t bad. I’m really excited for the next game.


I wasn’t terribly fond of the stats either and I usually don’t go in for browser games anyway, but I liked the writing enough to finish it.


Take the word of someone who has been a huge fan since the first Mass Effect came out eight years ago: the end to the series was a goddamn travesty, and the way Bioware/EA handled the outcry lost them a lot of people’s respect.