The Graves of Heirs (WIP) [Updated: July 2, 2021]

Hmm it’s the same thought as what I said before about the bookish vs active stat (or something like that - I’m unsure of the exact names now), since someone can be both active and knowledgeable.
But in the end, I’m so happy about the personality system being changed that I don’t mind that much these minor things.
Yes, I would prefer individual stats for these things, but that’s okay.

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:+1: That’s exactly what I was going for!!!

Thank you both so much! I appreciate it :pleading_face::blush:

@Serp Thanks a bunch! I really appreciate it.

So, about the magic stats, they’re opposed because in the story the opposed magic types are two ends of the same spectrum. For example, charms are basically really bad hexes, and hexes are really bad charms. In order to pursue one, you must sacrifice some power in the other. In addition to that, the magic here is in the form of magic spells that once you learn them, you know them forever and don’t have to meet a certain qualification to use them. The only time you need to worry about your stat level in a particular magic is when there’s a specific spell you want to learn. This is how I’ve chosen to approach lessens and other aspects of the story where advance planning is necessary.

@Konoi With the bookish vs active stats, it’s not what your ability is in those two things (that’s what the strength/intelligence stats are for). These are just your attitudes towards the two topics; if you prefer reading/learning to sports/activity. That’s why they’re in the personality section.


Aaah, then I think one of the choices in the test is confusing! As in, the phrasing is.
It’s when you climb the stairs, and you select if MC is breathless or refreshed, after climbing. That affects the Active vs Bookish stat, so I assumed it was MCs ability to one or the other, as being breathless or not is a sign of physical ability, not of what the character prefers to do.
At first, I actually did think it was what you’re saying - what the character prefers to do, but that one choice made me think it was the literal ability to do so.


If I understand correctly, this game will not be stat base - no skill check - but more to choices base ?

Ah, shoot I thought it was stats! I usually make my first character off of myself in games, and I regularly go on runs and as such am in quite good shape, but I love cerebral activities far more than I do exercise.

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Hey just read your demo really enjoyed it reminded of character from man what that crossover to books one example would trash of the counts family really love that one and others too


Hey I Love You And Your WIP

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No, really. Transmigration is my favourite book genre and never have I ever expect to see it here!!


The demo for The Graves of Heirs has been updated! Version 0.3 has been released.

This update is the first two parts of chapter one, as well as some minor tweaks to the prologue and the introduction of the first of the CI’s, Astasus/Vitalius.

Current Wordcount: 98k
Average Playthrough: 27k

  • The first two parts of Chapter One!
  • Stat tweaks.
  • Various tweaks to the prologue.
  • Various typo and bug fixes.

Demo Version 0.4!

  • My goal is the entirety of Chapter One, so this one may take a while.
  • I’m going to give a tentative date of August 28, but this isn’t set in stone. This is going to be a massive update.
  • Edit: I’m thinking maybe September… I underestimated the work involved lmao. Wish me luck!

Thank you so much for all of your support!


i enjoy the update :ok_hand: :+1: :ok_hand: :smiley:

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All options lead to the same error

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Nice update! Seeing that Revanant has no problem with morally dubious options, i.e the knight on the train, how far can we go with messing with the faculty of the school without getting caught?

I kind of made my MC a bit blood thirsty.

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Interesting, I was worrying about how can you convey the original story while branching out choices, but it is good so far. Nice work.

I see villainess Isekai manga has made its way to CoG. Nice


@KEMAR_SIMMS Thank you so much!

@Hector_Lopez Thank you so much for reporting this! So, I wasn’t able to recreate your errors but I added some code that will hopefully (crossing my fingers lol) fix it. If you play again and it still shows up (or anyone else does), please let me know and I’ll give fixing it another shot. I’m going to add it to the known issues part in case anyone else has the same problem as well. Again, thank you so much for reporting this!

@Red_Eyes There are quite a few options planned for messing around with the faculty. When the MC learns magic there will be even more options as well. Thank you for playing - I’m glad you liked it!

@Thanh_Chung_Vu Thank you so much! This was really relieving to hear lmao - balancing original story exposition and the current series of events is something I’ve been struggling with lmao.

@Kattz Haha I love me some villainess isekai! Thanks!


something very strange is happening, I finished the prologue and it transports me directly to part 2 but it skips part 1

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An update, yay!
Thouuugh I had a game breaking issue that made me unable to actually access the new content, aside from the changes made to the intro chapter:

So basically...

I have something strange happening when I start chapter 1, and I think it’s broken?
These are the two first pages of the chapter:

It seems the entire “Part One” is missing, aside from the intro page. And well, considering I don’t understand what’s happening after that, I don’t think I’m wrong?
Not to mention, I see it in the code!

Other issues or interrogations:
Naming the Revenant:

The special text for Richard works only if the name is not capitalized when you enter it, and most people would rather capitalize a name.

When asking questions, after that:

The first option is: “Is there anyway to fix a broken soul?”
Would be “any way”, right?

Something that worries me?:

Hum, something got me very worried when I started the game to play the update. I’ve noticed on the presentation page it says “It’s a character driven branching narrative with a focus on relationship building and RNG mechanics.”
Does that mean you’re going to implement elements of randomness in the story, aside from the normal checks and things like that?
This is the one thing that I can’t play with, since, unless it isn’t mandatory, it would ruin my “canon playthrough”, so I really need to ask. I hope that’s fine?
Maybe I just worry too much since I didn’t see any other mention of that, but still… I won’t be able to stop thinking about it if I don’t ask :sweat_smile:

MC's original world:

Thank you so much for adding the option to not have anything waiting back in MC’s world! Though I’m still a bit disturbed my MC asks to go back anyway, since he was basically tired of living and was relieved by his death, so between that and the background of not having anyone back there…
I’m sorry I’m going back to that again and again! I just have a hard time wrapping my mind around it. You know, it’s one of these cases of being forced to do something that doesn’t make much sense for the character I’ve created (and not only based on my headcanon obviously, but on previous choices - if it was only headcanon that would obviously be on me!).
Basically, I can sum it up to - Why would he want to go back to a world that made him unhappy enough to be tired of living and to see death as a relief.

That’s all I can do till chapter 1 is fixed though! So no actual story feedback for now.


I am so sorry about the skip! That was me - when fixing the first problem I made a subroutine, and instead of return I put finish! it should be fixed now!!! I am so sorry!


Okay then! I could play it now!

And wow, the general ambience of this chapter is grim, but at the same time really interesting!
Though I will admit at this point my main wish is to ask the Revenant to make MC’s hair regrow :rofl:

Now that MC was able to interact with more people, it was nice to see the array of answers one could give in each circumstances. That allows a lot of customization of MC’s personality.
I especially like the fact “passion” is not necessarily about screaming and swearing and being agitated. My MC is really leaning on the passion side, but most of the time, it’s a fire burning and raging inside, while he keeps his calm and stays level-headed in his actions. That is really extremely cool.

Also Astasus… such a sweetheart! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I didn’t expect him to be SO DAMN SWEET!
Now, I won’t lie, I’m also already extremely attached to the Revenant. Waaay too much, I think…
I wouldn’t be suprised if my MC went ballistic if something happened to him… which isn’t really the smartest thing, considering having him exorcised would save MC’s soul :rofl:
I’m really curious as to how their relationship will evolve in the future, really.

Now, as for my reports etc…
Honestly, the main things I had to say are the ones I’ve put in my previous post, about the RNG and MC’s world. I guess I was too absorbed into the story to notice much!

The one thing I've noticed, while changing, once at schoool:

The first option in the choice, when looking at the mirror, says “Just checking. I’m still a {race}”, instead of the actual race.

I may have missed other typos or coding errors, as I said, but in this chapter so far, nothing bothered me or anything, so I don’t have much to add, since I already said the positive :laughing:


There is a pronoun error in the train scene when we ask revenant to attack the knight

Edit: Also can we have more save slots?

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