The Graves of Heirs (WIP) [Updated: July 2, 2021]

This is super cool and I’m loving the premise!!
If there’s one thing I’d suggest its maybe making the one and two character traits a bit more explained? I had some trouble fully figuring out what it really meant.
Other than that I can’t wait for updates!

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Wow, now that was captivating! Very interesting and unique concept you have there!
And also, as usual, I’m coming into a “villain” story with hopes for a “good” / “redemption” path, and it seems it will be possible here, from what I see in the descriptions in the OP and how the start of the game played out, so I’m delighted!

I’m amazed by the amount of species to choose from, and very happy to be able to have another “catboy” MC :kissing_cat:
I’m also extremely thankful for this not being a “reincarnation story”, where the MC forgets about his past life, amnesia being one of my banes in existence.

Two small issues:
  • The saves overlap with another game - which means you didn’t customize the game’s name for the save plug-in, though I couldn’t explain you how to do it since I don’t code things. Basically that means your saves are the same as the saves for another game.
  • When having a Xidhe and selecting the eye color, the prompt says: “What shade colours my vertical pupils?”
    But shouldn’t it be something like “surrounds my vertical pupils”? A cat eye has a black pupil that can thin into a slit, and a colored iris around, like humans have too.

That aside, I’m actually a bit confused about one of the mechanics and I’d like to ask more about it, if that’s okay.
It’s about the character type choice? I thought I’d understand when reaching that point in-game, but it truly leaves me confused as for what the purpose and implications are, since I still decide what my MC does and how he acts during the story.
I see that the set of “secondary” personality stats avaible changes depending on that, but I don’t understand very well why is this needed? For example, I had a huge dominant of Character 2 points, but then it’s frustrating my character literally can’t be optimistic or more cheerful. But I wouldn’t want him to be sarcastic or mischievous so yeah…
Like, some aspects of it bother me a bit, but it won’t spoil the experience for me or anything like that - it’s fine, really. I’m mostly really confused :rofl:

Anyway, I’m clearly bookmarking this one! It was great!
And well, it’s always a treat to have a game written in first person, in IF :heart_eyes_cat:


@Lihn_Gargoyle Thank you so much! I can confirm you will see her again. I am so glad you like her!

@Moldy_Banana Thank you so much for the feedback. I actually do have the code written to confirm or deny the race in addition to the appearance but I had to take it out because of the madness that is going from second to first person perspective last minute. I promise I’ll add it back in the next update!

@PastelSweetss That totally makes sense and I’ll add that to the list for the next update! Thanks!

@Konoi The save feature confused the hell out of me so thanks for bringing that to my attention. Hopefully it’s fixed now! Also the eye thing is a typo - I think? - that carried over from the perspective change. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

There is an explanation for the two character split but even I’ll admit it’s kind of unnecessary. However, it’s part of what makes this really fun for me to write. That said, this is a demo so if it really clashes with most players’ game styles I’ll fix/get rid of it as I work on the game.

Originally TGOH was written in regular novel form and it had two main characters - Carmine and Levi. Carmine/One was outgoing, mischievous, and very sarcastic, while Levi/Two was very by the rules, caring, and responsible. There are a lot of scenes I plan to use for both in the game, as well as endings unique to the character types. I realize it’s possible to simply combine the two, but I also wanted a way to make the reactions to general questions/scenarios(available to both character types) more unique earlier in the game as opposed to having to build up stats over time. I hope this cleared up some confusion - if you have anymore questions feel free to ask!

Again this is still early stages so a lot of stuff can still be changed and a lot has yet to be decided. I am so overwhelmed by the support so thank you so very much!


Ah, I see…
I understand a bit better about the two character types then.
Though I’m really conflicted as to what I think of it, really :rofl:
Maybe I’d feel better about it if a lesser amount of traits were exclusive to each character? You said One is outgoing, mischievous and sarcastic, and Two is by the rules, caring and responsible, which makes it better already? Though I can easily imagine Character One players being frustrated at not being able to be caring for example, in the same way I wish my character could be optimistic, so eh, I dunno :thinking:

By the way, it’s funny because the name I selected from the list is actually Levi!

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Sorry for double posting - I rarely do so but oh well… it fit better as a different post, I feel.

If I had to shape my character the way I wish, then he would be: Optimistic, Caring, Genuine, Reputable. I don’t even feel a need for the other stats honestly - I mean, for my playstyle.
Again, I repeat what I tend to say on these forums, but I’m all in favor for both premade characters and fully player shaped characters. In this case, it’s one of these in-betweens where the player has a LOT of agency about MC’s thoughts, but then some restrictions that feel a bit weird at times.

For example, there was that choice about how the MC feels about their predicament, once transformed.
I would have wished for the possibility to say “I feel like this is a new beginning” - a positive outlook that would raise the Optimistic stat, without being chaotic or anything. But since my MC doesn’t have an Optimistic stat…

I think you get the gist of my uncertainty :rofl:

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She stammers, and I pat her head.

How did you know I was desperately wanting to pat her head?


I love the concept but please for the love of all that is holy could you put a choice after each races description funneling the player back to the skin, back, head choice so they can read the description of each race without having to restart the game? Again love the concept though


@Konoi I really get what you mean - I was meaning to rework the stats anyway so I’ll see if I can come up with something!

@Redway_bull I added a few lines of code that hopefully help with this. A few people have brought it up so hopefully this makes it better :slight_smile:


I really like the concept of this game. I’ve always read webtoons/manhwa where something like this happens and so I’m glad someone has finally made something like this. I’m looking forward to where this goes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I was just thinking this and I love that :rofl:


love it so far cant wait for the update


There’s a bug. I ended up Syne, decided to explore the other options, and the game tells me I’m Syne no matter what I choose.

I assume that Syne aren’t supposed to have elk hornrs, or a crown of seven horns on their head, but that’s what the game is telling me I am.

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Ah another thing, it would also be nice if you put the possible races in the main post, it makes it easier to see.


Probably a dumb question but will there be ro’s?


The author said there wouldn’t be this book cause mc is still a kid. Maybe in future books


Thank you I’m really sleep deprived so I probably missed where they said that so thank you.


Hohoohooo. Nice plot and intriguing future plots. I wish you good tidings! (It hits you with nostalgia but new to interactive novels at the same time.)
I really like what you had done to this project! Especially the use of personality choice. ( i feel that takes a lot of code work!)

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Forgive me father, for I have been reincarnated to the pinnacle of cringe



The plot already hook me in. It’s definitely great to see more isekai!


you already had me at ‘play as a villain…’ :star_struck:
im a sucker for the Villain Protagonist/hero-turned villain trope and im always on the lookout for one cause to my disappointment there’s a huge lack of those around here :sob: (atleast the good ones… i mean there r a few).so i will definitely keep an eye on your wip’s development.
the race selection part was a little confusing for some of the races i think it would be a lot more convenient if u could maybe add the race name when we are selecting the race characteristics maybe?
anyway gonna bookmark this and gl on the project