The Goodfellows WIP [Updated 09.14.20]

You are a f****** Goodfellow

is your chosen talent suppose to be 10% in the quick prologue, because it was 70 in the normal one

Not sure if that’s a compliment in context of the story (for reasons yet undisclosed) but I’m going to take it as a compliment here! :joy:

Nope! Good catch, I made the QSM before I added back in the ability to develop the other talents. Updating it now!

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That is a complete complement :relaxed:

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Nice update, had a fun read. Avery and Winnie are quite the characters. :slight_smile:

Just so you know, the skill stats are a bit bugged. Starting at the choice to decide your skillset, if you cancel to choose another skillset, you will still gain bonus as if you confirmed that skill. So you can keep backing out to boost all four skills.

Stats Stuff


You are now the most powerful being in the universe and I simply must bow before you.
Great catch! Thank you; updated. :eyes:

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I am the most powerful Hedgehog in the WORLD.

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Three quick notes:

One, if anyone can show/tell me how to calculate average play-through length, I would super appreciate it!

Two, there are several faith checks and personality checks for flavor texts in the update, so if anyone is getting flavor text that feels inaccurate to their MC (as in the threshold is too high or too low), please let me know!

Three, if the header images are inhibiting loading or anything like that, lmk and I’ll compress them further!
I’ll be adding some headers to the stats panel soon, so if they’re laggy I’ll need to adjust those so I don’t make the stats panel die.

(Four, oh god I am really abusing my exclamation point privileges. :grimacing:)

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Perhaps this thread might help you?

On another news, I come bearing the typos I promised! Fingers-crossed that I don’t fuck up the formatting while at it.


Weird formatting

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I love how you can mix humor with such gruesome imagery, the way you describe certain scenes is truly disgusting (in the best way possible) so the fact that the humor doesn’t feel out of place at all is pretty impressive :joy:

I’m really enjoying this, the writing is sooo good :weary:, excited for more!


You continue to be my icon. My savior. Thank you thank you! :heart:

Thank you!!! I shudder to think how grim this story would be if I didn’t write in all these ridiculous little jokes gfhdksk. :joy:


I saw this on the “Stats” page and thought it was interesting! Does it really matter in the mercenary scene or in subsequent scenes using these stats whether you fail or not?

I thought this was cool too! I’m excited to read how the flavor text changes as we get more and more stat-defining choices.

I have to add, I love how you’ve made Avery out to be the spicy, kinda suave book nerd. I don’t see a lot of that!

I’m very eager to see what you do with the other three we meet in Ch. 2.


There will be stat checks in the future, but for the chase scene, it’s based on your primary talent; you get the most “successful” result by choosing the option that correlates with your primary talent, but there’s also a secondary “semi-successful” option for each stat, such that there’s 1 full-success route, 1 semi-success route, and 2 “oops that didn’t go as planned” routes. For example, the cabbage cart choice is the serendipity!MC option, but fleetfeet!MC can get the semi-success content there; the flower shop is the folklore!MC success route, but serendipity!MC can get semi-success in that route, as well. The other two route don’t “work” out for serendipity!MCs.

Throughout the game, checks will vary; there will be more checks like this one, where you get success based on your primary talent, or automatic flavor text/branches based on the talent. There will also be stat-check options where you will “fail” if below the threshold, but “failure” =/= bad, and instead will lead down a different content rabbit hole. So there may be times when failure is even preferable!

I might put some true failure/consequence options in the late game though, particularly when the MC finally has to make some big decisions and bigger moves. :eyes:

Asjdkenkf “spicy, suave book nerd.” :joy: If that ain’t Avery, I don’t know what is!

We’ll see if the other three make as much of an impression! :eyes:



  • Line break errors in stats
  • Broke some paragraphs into smaller chunks
  • Varietal spelling errors
  • Some code-testing passages that shouldn’t have been in there still (lol oops)
  • Faith stat check thresholds adjusted: “low faith” now triggers at 40, and high faith at 60 for chapter one


  • Checking some other line break issues, and standardizing some line break shenanigans that’re going on
  • Updated “overview” stat page with lil header images