The Golden Rose (WIP) - Updated 7th of October, 2018



It is alright… i will scroll up then :-):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What ?? Me???.. no…no…no… , i actually just love to learn from others , it doesn’t mean that i am that person :-):sweat_smile: now, my friend… i hope you are not planning to report any of these to the Inquisitors and ask them to burn me :-):joy:
In case you are interested


Alessa description…lol…to her dismay you will be haunting her in her dreams.:sweat_smile:


(Hopefully, I’m not breaking any rule about posting in quiet threats).

Unfortunately, not an update (I wanted to have one by now), but I just wanted to share a drawing my sister did of Alessa. This is how the reserved mercenary looks like in my sister’s head :slight_smile:

Regarding the actual game, I’m making progress! I just finished a BIG scene I’ve been struggling with for about a week now :sob:. And it’s actually a bit discouraging just how little people will see of it in just one playthrough. But I guess that’s something I have to get used to.

But it’s over and I’m so happy lol. Had to learn a few coding tricks that I’ve been able to evade so far. I also had to realllly stretch my creativity because it’s about a subject I rarely write about. So that’s why the update it’s taking so long.

Anyway, now that the scene is out of the way, it should be pretty straightforward. I’m hoping progress goes smoother now, I could definitely use some feedback on a couple of things.


It looks very good, your sister is very talented


Alessa looks cute, i initially thought she will be more fierce :-):stuck_out_tongue: but the drawing is nice …:slight_smile:

What Big Scene?? Mind to give a hint ? :slight_smile:


A fight scene :upside_down_face:

Whatcha mean I’m kinda regretting adding three more weapon choices?? That’s not true at all :slight_smile:


By the way… the author can post to their own WIP anytime , so there is no worry for you :-):grin:

I don’t mind any number of weapon choice since i most likely talk my way out of any trouble :-):smile:

And errrr… i just hang on to Alessa in case i can’t talk any sense out of trouble …

Another thought, do you plan to implement Divine Intervention ? I meant could i pray and be rescue by higher powers ? :-):thinking: like if we have 3 favours, we can ask deity of our choice to save us 3 times , although you have to keep count of the number of favours :slight_smile:


Please say dual swords, please say dual swords, please say dual swords


Just finished my first playthrough. Loved the variety of choices and personality types. Both companions feel solid and thank god for all of the bantering that I can do(?).

Found this in the description of the old gauntlet in stats screen:

You his name: Nero.



Oh man, now I feel bad. I meant to say, the three options I added to the original three. I didn’t add three more on top of that. Do you want to kill me. :sleepy:

But dual swords are pretty cool. I wish I had thought of them before…

@niisan Hey, thanks for the catch! It’ll be fixed in the new update.

Hmm, I’m not planning on there being actual divine intervention. Gods and such matters will stay on the abstract field. Think of like Game of Thrones when it comes to that.

They may or may not exist. Your faith is really what matters most. Whether or not your MC believes in them.


Ahhhh… i see i see :-):rofl:

Well… i just need to keep praying until i get a sign or favour :slight_smile: