The Golden Rose (WIP) - Updated 6th of April, 2020

This is only conjecture, definitely not confirmed, but I think it’s likely that Alain/Isabella, Rafael, the Pirate King, and perhaps the Bard? will be ROs. Could easily be wrong, but that’s my (very hopeful) prediction.


If it’s the church scene (I don’t think there’s even an option to try it, tbh) then it would make sense he’s drawing a line there, regardless of the MC’s beliefs.

If it’s that first night at the inn, then (If I understood this right) he all but runs away because he’s still working through some things… I think. I’ll have to refresh my memory on how he handles that scene when the MC is female, since I didn’t play as a female more than once so far testing for something other than romance relations. :sweat_smile:

yeah, those where the scenes I got turned away, i play as female MC.
the church one was the one i was talking about :sweat_smile:

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As @Outrageous has said, the two confirmed ROs are Alessa and Hadrian. I do have more planned! But I’ve decided that I will not be announcing them prematurely. It would delve into spoiler territory and if there’s one thing I do not like is spoilers.

Oh, I must have misunderstood. When I read “turned away” I thought it would be something a bit more strong than those scenes suggest. Hadrian only turns you away if you kill Garrett and show no remorse.

And yes, you can’t really expect to have anything happen in the cathedral, can you? :smile: Not with Hadrian and, honestly, not with most people. Not even the less devout would risk angering any servant of God.


And on the third day of Hadrian, Alessa, and the MC’s journey from the city into the dangerous spoiler territory, were they had learned Rafael was hiding, they were accosted from all sides by the vile spoilers. However, they were able to use the ancient artifact W.I.P. to drive the spoilers back allowing them to escape with their lives. (Spoiler alert: Billy was the only cassualty.) Oh, no. One made it through.


The Ministry Building is done! :tada: :tada:

“Who the fuck are you?”

And with 88k words total, we close a mountain range of a chapter. Made of many individual mountains, of many different sharpened peaks. But to say you step into the flatlands beyond would be a lie. For never has the ground been shakier beneath your feet.

The Third Interlude is next, and after that, chapter 10. Where all roads come to meet.

Between half-a-month hiatus and an accident I had with my glasses, this milestone definitely took longer than I planned. But it seems I say so every time, doesn’t it? It’s almost as if life doesn’t care about your plans. :smile:

I am, however, very pleased with how it turned out. I suppose as long as I feel so, then it is alright.

As is costumery, I want to share a piece of fanart of the Rose! This time by the wonderful Missy (Tumblr). This is her interpretation of our cold mercenary, Alessa.

May the rest of October treat you kindly. :rose: