The Golden Rose (WIP) - Updated 6th of April, 2020

Bad idea, really bad idea.

But I can’t judge you, since I do the same :sweat_smile:


I rarely (as in never?) post something like this, but I think is how my (shy or oblivious) MC feel for Hadrian once he confesses (video and lyrics):


Come! See high above
Come! See high in the heavens
A new star shining bright
Out of the darkness, comes a light

Come! Here midnight chimes
Come! Here bells that are ringing
And from some distant shore
Sounds of a journey, echo on

This is the night
They say
Everyone wants a dream

This is the night
They say
Nothing is as it seems

Come! Sleep, close your eyes
Come! Sleep, give me your sorrow
And I keep watch for you
Until the dawn is breaking through
Until the morning wakens you

Come dream, through the night
Come dream, and then tomorrow
You’ll see your heart will know

Dreams are more precious than gold
Dreams are more precious than gold
Dreams are more precious than gold



Just wanted to let you know I love your demo! I think the amount of lore is great as it isn’t super in my face but it comes in at the right moments. The setting itself is very interesting, don’t think I’ve played a demo like this! :relaxed:
I ADORE Hadrian :hugs: he’s too sweet beyond words, def my main RO! Although I totally flirted with Alain hardcore and hoping it doesn’t bite me in the butt later? Lol

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How far has the demo come now? where does it end?

It ends in Chapter 4, after we explore the town.


The Gates are done! :tada::tada:

“Your near future is as uncertain as your distant one and shrouded in almost as many shadows as your past.”

And with 130k words total, we say goodbye to the black stones of Tarragona’s city wall and continue on with our journey. Steps more resolute than ever, now that they travel towards a clear destination. This chapter claimed the throne of size, quite possibly the biggest of the first book. I’m very pleased with how it turned out!

The Ministry Building is next, where you must go and try to find the man whose name seems to haunt you since early morning. And so we start rushing towards the end.

For as you searched, Rafael has not stood still.

This milestone took longer than I had planned. Again. But I did manage to finish in August! Just… on the very last day :smile: But I shall take any victory, no matter how small.

I’d just like to share a fanart that Safira made (Tumblr) of her interpretation of Hadrian and Alessa.

Beautiful. :sob:

I hope September treats you kindly. May the rains return, for those dwelling in the Northern Hemisphere. And may the gentle Spring rush to find you, for those who live down South. :rose:


Congratulations! :tada::confetti_ball::tada:

And the plot thickens.


Your victory is ours. :grin: Because your writing is amazing. :relaxed:

Really looking forward to seeing more of this world of yours. :smiley::+1:


I like it so far!

Idk if I just missed what MCs secret is or if it hasn’t been stated, but I’m definitely curious/worried what’ll happen if (when if we’re being honest) it comes out that she’s been hiding stuff.

Also, I hope MC will be around to attend that ball :joy:


I wish I was a native english speaker so that I can express how I love this story. Wish you luck author, and I hope more people will see your work…


The plot of the game is entertaining and very well written horewer dont confuse it with historically accurate because its an fictional story. The people of the medieval era didnt demonize ancient knowledge and achievements, and theres plenty of writtings of medieval philosopher quoting and working on ancient knowledge, so much that theres Illuminated manuscripts putting Seneca, Plato and Aristotle as “Devotee philosophers”, these books were copied and only reached us because of the monks who dedicated themselves to the grueling task of copying ancient texts by hand for the sake of perpetuating knowledge and glorifiing God. This quote of an monk written on the border of an manuscript encapsulates it well: “This is sad! O little book! A day will come in truth when someone over your page will say ‘The hand that wrote it is no more.’”.
St Thomas Aquinas called Aristotle “The philosopher”. People knew what aqueducts were, they just didnt have the manpower(because of the collapse of the slavery system) and the massive infrastructure the roman empire had to build and maintain them. When the manpower became available later many aqueducts were indeed restored and others built, the aqueducts of rome were rebuilt by the papal states.
Sorry for the long text, the historian in me sometimes takes control. I cant stand myths like “the dark ages” that keeps getting perpetuated despite being very much debunked on the academical world.
PS: The edits are mostly me fixing typos and one or two additions


Oh, absolutely. Perhaps I have to write it more clearly in the summary, but the world of the Rose is a fictional one. A fantasy one at that. The last thing I’ll ever claim is historical accuracy.

My game is set in an alternative Europe and the Church it steals its name from is very different from our own. It has vastly different goals and equally different fears from the Catholic Church of the 12th century.

Indeed. I see them all the time in my country, just last weekend I walked on a restored one in Conímbriga.

In other news, I just want to say thank you all for this!

800 likes :sob: I know it’s just a number, but it still feels good to know 800 people read my little drabbles and deemed them worth to press that heart button. As I’m writing the story on my own now - wishing desperately to share what I have :smile: - small things like these really help drive my motivation.

The goal was to update the final version of the demo this month but, for the first time in 8 months, I’m able to see and spend time with my siblings. Both my brother and my sister are spending their vacation here, so I have to admit that September has been very bare, writing-wise.

I do plan to return full steam on the 18th! I’ll try to have the final demo ready this month so that I can continue to work on finishing book one.

My goal is to have all the writing done before the end of the year - in a perfect world, maybe even submit to Hosted Games before 2021, but I would be happy with just finishing the writing part. Fingers crossed it will be so. :crossed_fingers:


I think I speak for those 800+ heart-givers when I say we are all delighted that you decided to not only write but also to share it with us. So, you deserve more than 800+, but I fear we can only like your post once. :relaxed:

May your writing days be smooth and fulfilling, but don’t push yourself too hard – it is better to wait for something good than to see someone miserable over it. :hugs:


Didnt realize you were portuguese, its nice to see other portuguese speaking people in the choose-your-adventure scene(im brazilian btw). One day i hope to see the portuguese aqueducts for myself. Good job on getting 800 hearts. Onwards to a 1000!


I always prefer an Alternative Europe because then it won’t be bind to the real world history …

And it is fun to be a sinful good guy😄
Because there is nothing wrong in believing the old gods while still be a good person😇


I like it too, the problem is that i have seen one too many people thinking what they see is historically accurate. From people quoting Dan Brown to explain medieval/renaissance all the way to people thinking game of thrones and Vikings were real. I will always love the early AC franchise for helping me discover my love for history and giving me the push to read and ask about it and discover how inaccurate the series got some things and how twisted the history we have at school, especially in the case of medieval history is flawed, quoting my college teacher “We treat it like an truckload of shi@”.


That’s one of the fundamental problems we are facing today, in our modern societies - most people are quick to judge and assume everything they see as true and accurate, especially if aligns with something they previously thought correct or personally agree with.

They don’t investigate, they don’t research, they just accept everything that is given to them without question… and that’s how misinformation spreads and new (and strange) philosophies/ideologies start. Honestly, IMO authors shouldn’t need to put in a disclaimer in all of their works saying that it’s a piece of fiction and all representations of people, places, religions, etc, are merely coincidental. Because IMO that’s kind of obvious…

If anything, it would make more sense to put in a disclaimer when something IS actually trying to be historically accurate than the opposite because it is rarer when an author goes for accuracy than fiction. The way I see it, if it doesn’t say anywhere that it’s trying to be accurate, then I’m going to assume everything is fictional. It’s easier that way.


Wait, are you guys saying Lincoln was not a vampire hunter…? :thinking:


But yes, it appears too darn easy to confuse a lot of people today, even about recent history.

Me, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoy this alternate history we see here in The Golden Rose, as it both grounds it and allows it flights of freedom not found in actual history. Plus, it is a treat to read. :relaxed:


Just played the demo and WOW!! I think you’re a master at weaving in exposition as well as keeping the story moving at an engaging pace. The grandness of the Cathedral scenes (and really, all moments that highlighted the religious themes intertwined with the story) chilled me in the best way possible! The fear of the Eyes watching the world was visceral and it made for a really engaging experience. Plus, I absolutely adore Billy the horse! He’s the best.


This is the way.