The Golden Rose (WIP) - Updated 6th of April, 2020

@Anathema we were skeptical of the whole crusades and religious aspect of it. It can easily cause backlash and ruin what can be a really interesting game. Needless to say it was the title that drew us in. And as for sharing we’re actually twins and share this account!


Just read the demo, really enjoyed it. Just wondering, will it be possible for us to be/become some type of pagan/heathen? There was still a significant pagan population in Northern and Eastern Europe in the 11th century, it would make for an interesting twist and fit my Scandinavian MC. Looking towards the next update!

Edit: also congrats on being the first game (as far as I know) that lets me have a beard!


This is aweseome! I can’t believe I only discovered it now.

Same on this!

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Perhaps. :eyes:

Also, regarding the MCs origins. I will not disclose much, but I can say that the MC has Mediterranean water flowing in their veins. So I would not cling too tightly to Scandinavian origins.

Standing at a total of 53 choices, the Devil’s Bridge path is thus finished! I am very pleased with how it turned out! (◕ ワ ◕✿)

Hopefully, there is content in it to appease all types of MCs. The devout, the questioning, the curious, the uncaring and just the plain old adventure-seeking. Bring a coin and hide your face, the Devil may be peeking around the corner.

I’ve also went ahead and finished the official introduction scene for Ysabella and Alain! I’ve started the last big scene today. I’m hoping to have it done sometime next week :crossed_fingers:

Now, say. Hypothetically speaking, if you ever have the option of getting one extra animal companion, would you rather have a golden eagle or a black fox?

  • Golden Eagle
  • Black Fox

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I feel impartial to both. They both feel like they are on opposite spectrums of each other.
Eagle being associated with loner, fierce, power.
Fox being associated silent, earthy, clever.
Plus, can we smuggle these animals into inns? If we are going into ruins, fox would be preferable,
If we are traveling a lot, perhaps an eagle?

but what if we can choose the animal? but have 1 species to choose from?
Ex. Birds of prey> choice of eagle, falcon etc
woodland creature with paws >choices of fox, ferret etc.


I’m playing with another mc now, and one thing bothered me a little – the straight romance is a bit hard to shake off, and it’d be fun if we could flirt with the same sex more, more outwardly be an outrageous bisexual (or gay) from the get go.

Only one animal and they will have their own name, temperament and relationship counter. Kinda like Billy.

They’re also independent, in a way. Your relationship will not be a master - pet kind of balance. You’ll be more on equal footing. Kinda like an ally. So no sneaking into inns and taverns. Both the eagle and the fox would rather sleep elsewhere.

@Sel_Lee I’ll be trying to add another same-sex flirt to start the romance at the beginning of chapter 1. I still haven’t gone back and tried to add it in, but I think it’ll be possible.

Other than that, I don’t really plan on changing Hadrian and Alessa’s romance further at this point.


Yeah I like that they’re more readily attracted to the opposite sex mc, and I’m more or less satisfied with their romance routes. The flirting I mentioned was not necessarily related to them. I just find it hard to believe that a reckless bisexual flirt mc won’t flirt with both anyway.


I absolutely love it so far! My character is a sarcastic, irreverent, flirtatious bastard, and I’ve never enjoyed playing someone more. I really enjoyed the dialogue options - I’m not sure how important those choices were, but they made it extremely fun to play and develop the characters. I’ll be re-reading this at least a few times over, and I look forward to when it comes out in full.


Ok I love this, very dragon age feel.i don’t know if that’s what you were going for :grin: but I think your writing is beautiful and can’t wait to read the full version. I loved your choices as well with my witty female "just my luck ’ lol


So…I played the demo one more time and I think I have an idea for you…Can you please answer 3 questions?

  1. Exactly where in Europe are the trio currently in?
  2. Which period of the Inquisition is this? Because if I have it right, the very first was the French Inquisition which started in 1184, which was followed by the Spanish Inquisition almost 300 years later,in 1478,followed by the Portuguese Inquisition in 1536 and finally the Roman Inquisition in 1542.

I guess what I’m trying to ask is whether there’s any part of Europe where the Inquisition has not “officially” been started?

  1. I don’t know if someone has already asked this(if they have,I’m very sorry for asking it again), but will there be Islam in this?

And 4(I know I said 3,but…) : Will you strictly try to stick to historical facts or would you make some dream scenarios like…I know there were only 4 MAJOR Crusades,7 in total. Also,after the Greeks of Byzantine were declared heretics by the West,the Fourth Crusade resulted in the sack of Constantinople. So, now that the Inquisition is going on, and the threat of Islam looms large, the Catholic Church decides to launch the Fifth Crusade. But instead of what happened in the ACTUAL HISTORICAL FIFTH CRUSADE, all the heretics,pagans and the Greeks of Byzantine…pretty much everyone who is against the Catholic Church, already angered by the ongoing Inquisition join the Muslims to fight against the Church.

And lastly,it would be really helpful if you included a “Compendium” of sorts in the stats pretty much defining who the “Eyes of the Church” are,what the “Devil’s Bridge” is,etc. I only mention this because the vast amount of information that there is in this game, just comes out a little bit abruptly,so it might be a little confusing to understand for first-time players. Like when I first read about “The Eyes of the Church” in the game, I remember thinking, “The fookin what???”


@TheSilentMajority I can at least partially answer some of this for you! The game is set in an alternate history where the roman empire fell much earlier than real life, so things will be fairly different from real life in terms of the details I think (Latin being a forbidden language being one of them, Jesus doesn’t exist in this version of the Church, etc.). Here is something from the game’s tumblr that breaks that down a little bit:

The game itself takes place in Spain, at least from what we’ve seen. (Tarragona is a spanish city).

I hope that helps some!


I’m not home, so I don’t have time to answer all your questions and suggestions right now, but I will! However, just a quick note:

The game is not set in Spain. In the demo, the MC is in the Principality of Catalonia. It’s a region located where Spain is today.

The time period is around the 1100-1200s so 12th century.

Edit: I’ve actually read your comment now. In the future, please don’t post those kind of pictures in my thread. There is no such organization in the rose and the Eyes of the Church are not connected to them in any way.


I think you managed to convey that, at least to me. I’ve always pictured it in a sort of half our world, half low key fantasy, where magic if it exist is more background than anything. Mostly rumours and legends, much like our own world. Love it. :relaxed:

Looking forward to see this golden rose bloom! :heart:



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OK, first thing first:

"A bloody carrot?!?"

I was not expecting that, had me laughing for a good while!

Loved the premise and setting, your writing style is really smooth and easy to visualize, the amount of choices are varied and makes for a very broad, fleshed out MC ( In my opinion at least :sweat_smile: ).
I kept on reading and reading, and when it ended, it left me wanting more! :laughing:
So yeah! Awesome work!


Interesting and well written story. There are some particularly evocative turns of phrases, and the second interlude told from another perspective is done very well, although I think it is a somewhat awkward construction to refer to the player character in second person in that section. (I don’t think it is wrong per se; I only feel it maintains a strange middle distance since the interlude limits its focus on a specific character’s thoughts and feelings but still uses “you” as if a different narrator is still omnipresent and speaking directly to the player.)

Also, I’m not sure if these were spotted before, but I did see a few possible bugs; hopefully posting them here might help with fixing them.

In Chapter 3:

  • At the label Alessa5, the sarcastic and genuine flavor text is flipped, since having more than 45 Sarcastic results in a shy smile instead of a smirk.

  • The variable Hadrian_Lean is completely unused and Alessa_Lean is only checked in one place where it will never be true (should be checking Lean_Alessa).

  • At the label Alessa_Pity, if your Wit and Influence are both greater than or equal to 25, the sentence shown includes both the “battle of wits” and the “play of words” substrings, which results in an oddly capitalized sentence. This seems to be handled using a goto in the Hadrian_Pity version, but isn’t here.

In Chapter 4:

  • At the label Water (while talking to Vaughn about the drought), the option “The Lord will shield them” sets Sinful to “5-5” rather than “%-5”.

I still read this at least once a week ,Hadrian is my Mc’s heart
Your writing style is beautiful and I’m excited to see this one out to buy it
(Even though Billy hates me )


Love the writing, excited to see what comes next and what possible romances you might add! I’m sure this has been mentioned before (this thread is 2 posts shy of being 600 at the time I’m posting this) but if you ever think to include the nonbinary option for the MC you could keep in theme by using Mercury instead of Venus or Mars, as Mercury is often referanced with androgynous in some Greek/Roman works.


600th Post! Btw amazing game.