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I found it strangely satisfying doing black hearthed playthough


It was great! The MC sure knows how to kick ass. I cut through those bastards like carving a cake. So cool.

I’m currently playing Red Dead Redemption 2 and your relationship with your horse is kinda important, so no, it was alright!

Yes. And I approve :ok_hand:

Silently waiting for the dual wielding swords…

I swear I’m crushing way too hard on Alessa. I can’t wait to see her when she starts to soften up.

Also, this quote was so relatable:

No one ever appreciates your humor. :ok_hand:


Within the fight scene, writing the killing descriptions were by far the most enjoyable parts. So it’s good to know at least someone got to see them :grinning: Can’t wait to update the killing Garrett scene.

Oh yeah, the MC - even if not very proficient in combat - is always going to be stronger than a group of hungry farmers. It was kinda like child’s play in a sense.

There will be more challenging adversaries. Will could be one, to the MCs with low combat skill.

I really gotta play that game.

That’s my life motto :sweat:

Swoon away!!


He was my low combat long bow mc got her ass handed, thanks Hadrian my dude


That’s the reason for Garet’s death

Also could we get option to dual wield axes/maces/shields insted of only swords?


I killed everyone but the boy. Well, I did kill him at first but it wasn’t completed so I chose another path, I sent him over to the Guild, and actually felt satisfied with the outcome.

Dual shields? That seems weird if not slightly amusing.


Hey what makes a better weapon?
The sharp one your enemies expect, or the blunt one they ignore?


I feel sorry for the archers MCs. They’ll have their time to shine, I swear!

Damn, that’s cold :laughing: Poor kid, killed by a non-existent sense of humor.

I don’t think I’ll be adding another weapon choice. To be honest, this fight scene took me waaaay too long, and the coding almost drove me to tears one time (seriously, I wish I was joking). So as much as I love the image of a badass MC duel wielding two fricking shields, I think I gotta pass.

Maybe after I finish the story I can go back and write in more options, but for now, I want to keep the plot moving.


I just wanted to say… Hadrian is a dreamboat. I love him way too much. :two_hearts:


omggg I get way too excited with comments like this

Thank you! :hugs: I’m so glad you like him.


I Just want to say that i cannot break Alessa’s or Hadrian’s heart by choosing the oposite when they offer to patch up the mc, and i cannot also choose between either


Ehehe that is a pain I am only too happy to inflict.

Break their hearts! I’ll try to make it fun, I swear.


you already make it fun, every time mc friendzones Hadrian i cr and laugh, i made a male mc so i can romance Alessa without breaking this poor boy pure heart, also in the future will you have the option to spend time with the one who didn’t patchh you up?


Yes absolutely. That’s actually something I had already thought about. There will be some downtime in chapter 3 where you can spend time with both Hadrian and Alessa. And more time further on. I want their friendships to be fulfilling too.


ugh same

Yay!! I love Hadrian but I’m torn because I want to befriend the shit out of Alessa. She’s wonderful.

But i want it on the record that Billy is #1 in my heart. best horse. best friend. even if he continues to hate me for the rest of the game I still love him more than anything. grumpy animals make the best companions.

I loved this chapter omg. The fight scene was amazing and the transition from MC laying on the grass calmly watching a ladybug to realizing they’re surrounded and there’s a sword at his throat was shocking in the best way. I thought that scene in particular was incredible

@Anathema a quick question though? Does Alessa always help with Billy for a male MC? Was wondering because I was romancing the heck out of Hadrian and expressed my concern toward him but every time I played I ended up going to Alessa for help and to tell her I was worried


That is definitely a bug. If you’re concerned for someone, they should be the one who helps you, regardless of relationship status.

I’ll check the code tomorrow. Thanks for letting me know!

And yes. Billy is the best boy. That horse started out as a joke but he grew on me as I wrote him lol. Now I actually have plans and ideas for future interactions with Billy.


As great as Billy is and everything, will it be possible to get a non-lame (as in crippled not not awesome) horse in the future? Like, for example, some kind of warhorse?


Yes :sob:. You may choose to let Billy go for another horse at some point in the future.


Maybe at that point he could become the group mascot or something :joy:


What! Never!
Our bond forged through the viscious flames of mutual hatred is stronger than any steel!
Billy is a good boy!