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Now that would be an interesting sight. :grin:


Hi, first-time poster, here. I was looking at the code (to see whether or not the choice with the torch determined dominant hand, and, if so, which one each choice corresponded to) and, as a southpaw, seeing this:


*set mc_dominant_hand “Left-handed”

I was like, :astonished::joy::heart_eyes:. Thank you so much for including that :sob:.


Wait, first post ever? First of all, WELCOME to the forum! Thanks for commenting on my tiny little threat. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I thought of that because my sister is also left-handed and she always gets senselessly happy whenever a game allows her that choice. So I thought ‘why not?’ lol.

I still haven’t made much use of it yet - apart from the weapon and outfit descriptions - but it should come into play in future combat scenes and interactions.

But do you think the choice is not clear enough? That was actually one of the things I wanted to revise. Should I make it like:

The torch is heavy, so you carry it in your
        * Right hand.
        * Left hand.

Or maybe just throw subtlety out of the window:

The torch is heavy, so you carry it in your dominant hand,
       * Your right hand.
       * Your left hand.

Do you think this would be best?


Rome, tombs and inquisitors got me in the door but I absolutely loved this choice. Also, the fact that the choice carried through with the description of the glove rather than never impacting anything ever again was amazing.

I personally didn’t have a problem with the choice as it stands. As a leftie it felt natural to say that I would carry the torch in my left hand without anything overt. Although of the two options listed, I quite like the first for flow. I think that the implication is there.

I was curious when I read it as to how much it might influence the story.
Will we be able to gain an advantage because people assumed we were right handed, e.g. offering diplomacy with our right hand and arming the left? Also having a look at the approximate time period, I was wondering whether it will catch a lot of suspicion/unease from the Eyes (if they happen to be observing) for our use of the ‘sinister’ hand?


You know, I totally forgot that. There was once some stigma around left-handed people, right? Maybe a priest or even an Eye might make a small snide comment if your scabbard is on the right side of your hip or something.

It can also give you a slight boost to one character’s relationship.

But it won’t have a big impact on the story, no. It wouldn’t be fair for right-handed players :slight_smile:

Yes, you might have some advantage based on your weapon, the adversary and your combat skill. MCs with low combat skill won’t really know how to utilize their left-handedness to grant them an advantage in a fight.

A skilled MC might.

One thing that can happen is someone reaching to shake your hand and an awkward moment ensues! :smile:

Thanks for the suggestions!


What horrible fate you will plan for the MC if they are captured by the Inquisitors? Are there going to be such endings ?? Or are there going to be good endings ??

Are the Inquisitors forgiveful or cruel ? :slight_smile:


Gonna have to give a non-answer on this one. :slight_smile:

But let’s just say that “forgiveness” is a nonexistent word in an Inquisitor’s dictionary.


Really ?? Those inquisitors don’t forgive or be merciful ? :-):fearful:



About the Inquisition

I assume you know of the Portuguese and (more well-known) Spanish Inquisition? Burnings, torture, murder and forced conversions are just to name a few of the things those Institutions did. Of course, not every member is evil, but the Inquisition as a whole? It was a terror organization backed with judicial power from the Pope.

Mine will be too.

I just got fantastic news and my mood is pretty high, so I thought I’d share something with you :slight_smile: even tho literally nobody asked me to lol.

I’m a very visual person so when I’m imagining a character, I like to look at references and art to help me form a better mental image of them. I want to show you guys which pictures I used for Alessa and Hadrian.

I’ll put under details because I know some people don’t like to contradict the mental image they may have already formed in their mind. If so, don’t click this!


Minus the nose-ring and the elf ears, of course.

by Rhomboid


by Grafit-art

Obviously, these are just approximations. I don’t imagine Alessa and Hadrian exactly like these, but it’s close enough.


I think i need to do some research on the Inquisition :slight_smile:

But Alessa looks very fierce, luckily she is fond of me :-):stuck_out_tongue:

And Hadrian … Wow !!! I might think he is Lancelot :-):joy:


The choice is fine. I was just worried that it was just flavor text, and then started second-guessing which hand I would hold a torch in, because, wouldn’t you hold a torch in your non-dominant hand in order to use your weapon?


Insert disappointed face


Alright, I think I’ll just keep the choice as it is then. And yeah, it would make sense to carry the torch in your non-dominant hand but 1) the MC didn’t have their weapon with them (even if the player didn’t know this yet) and 2) they were walking around for hours, they wouldn’t be on high alert.

I know, right? Piercings are sexy but unfortunately, I don’t think they were a popular fashion choice in the middle ages. :smile:


I found a bug. When Hadrian tells a female MC that their arm is bleeding (not sure if it’s a spoiler or not, so used spoiler tags just to be on the safe side),

this choice

"Sure," you shrug. You can't address your wound as effectively as another person.

makes Hadrian’s relationship go from


You have worked together for some time and now, and have gotten along. Hadrian often calls you friend, blushing while he does so.



He despises you.


Why do I find that hilarious? :laughing: Apparently, Hadrian does not like it when you act aloof.

Thanks for the catch!


I like this. Easy to read, exciting, interesting characters and story as far as it goes at the moment. It is like crisps (chips to US folks), can’t eat just one, desire more. :wink:

I do appreciate all the different ways to relate and the way you have formulated them, very nice indeed. :relaxed: :+1:



Thank you so much :hugs:


:musical_note: You’re welcome! :notes: :smile:

Mostly, however, thank you. :relaxed:


Hi! Your story’s really captivating can’t wait to read more. Oh and how many romance option would be available in the game


Hi, Victoria. Thanks for leaving a comment.

About the romance options, I have to tell you that I’m still not sure. I know I want to take the plot from A to B, and B to C and so on. But the roads between them are muddy at best. Lots of details and sub-plots are yet to be determined.

The romance options are one of those things. Right now, I have 10 ROs planned. Five males and five females, with the possibility of a couple of flings along the way.

But don’t take this number to heart because, as I said, it’s not set in stone. It’s a prevision at this point. Maybe I’ll add more if I write a character I particularly like, or maybe I’ll subtract some - if I find they do not fit the plot.

I hope this very vague answer satisfies your curiosity a little bit. :slight_smile: