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I had just found who is " Juturna - Goddess of fountains, wells, and springs."

and her idol as well

I had also notice there is a list of Roman gods and goddesses … are there any disciples of them in your story ? Well… I just feel that it is fascinating if we can pray to all of them and obtain their blessings and powers ?

Oops… i know, Hadrian is going to hate me for that … and my sins meter is rising again , but i can’t help it because most likely i am going to pray to all of them … I am wondering will we get to find Fortuna, the Goddess of Luck too ?

I need a lot of Luck these days , so i need the blessing of Fortuna :-):grin:


I don’t know if this is an error or not, but apparently cursing Everything gave me a +2 in pious :joy:



That is most definitely an error. :laughing:

Or a secret path where you curse everything under the sun and become the new Pope :shushing_face:

Thanks (again) for the catch!

Yay for you liking them! I had way too much fun writing them lol! But I’ll still tweak a few things, especially the relationship-describing texts.

And yes for breaking Hadrian’s heart! :slight_smile: That’s actually one of the dynamics I want to explore due to the differences in same-sex and opposite-sex romances. It suddenly involves jealousy. And a bisexual MC can have a bit of cruel harmless fun.

@erconn Thanks for giving it a try :+1:

To be fair, Rafael is the definition of a slimy little bastard.

(Plus I’ve always loved that insult. To imply one does not have a father used to be the highest slight you could throw. Funny stuff).

And yes, The Templar’s Heart achievement is about Hadrian. Try picking out every romantic interaction you can.

Juturna! That’s a cool statue of her.

Hmm, are there secret disciples of long-forgotten roman deities? :thinking:

I mean, the Romans spent half their time coming up with new deities it seems. It’s like you couldn’t kick a rock in ancient Rome without insulting a minor god lol. So you won’t be able to pray or workship ALL of them - but a select few? Maybe. :slight_smile:

Blessings and powers, uh? You really are a true believer. And of the Christian God? Not hoping for any blessings from Him?

Oh yes, I wouldn’t advice praying for Juturna’s favor within earshot of Hadrian - or anyone for that matter. Better to keep those devotions close to your sinful little black heart :wink:

Alright, Eric, square up. Are you reading my mind?

Because you’ve just nailed it with Fortuna. Obviously, the MC doesn’t know this so they translated the Latin text in the ruin as “fortune favors the bold”, whether the text actually meant “Fortuna favors the bold”, as in Fortuna, the goddess herself.

So you just had a little brush with the lady patron of gamblers.

Ah! I actually remember my history teacher talking about Hadrian’s Wall but I didn’t pay attention to it until I’ve learned that George Martin used it as his inspiration for The Wall in GoT. That’s when I went to Wikipedia and read all about it. :smile:


LOVE it!!! I have fun playing this and can’t help replaying it again. Can’t wait for the next update!


Well… i would think it is common that everyone would think of the Goddess of Luck most of the time, i mean she already had a deep roots in most people’s heart right ? :-):laughing: the term “Lady Luck” had been mumble or used countless times by many people everyday without them even knowing it , such as " I hope Lady Luck smiles on me today during my interview " :-):stuck_out_tongue:

So Yepp…the Goddess of Fortune is definitely everybody’s favourite :wink:

Of course i am hoping for a blessing from “Him” too … i mean, it would be wise that we pray and respect to all the gods and goddesses right ? so that we could get blessing from all of them :slight_smile: My apology… but i think it is better for me to blur the text so that it won’t be considered blasphemy :slight_smile: I hope i didn’t offend anyone…

I think most of the deities are from the Greek mythology where the romans change their names, like from Zeus to Jupiter and Athena to Minerva ? :slight_smile:

I will definitely keep it a secret …quietly, i may need the power of Juturna or Fortuna in case i need to save either Alessa’s or Hadrian’s life :slight_smile:

I remember Hadrian’s wall was supposed to be built to protect Romans settlement against the Picts , a local British Tribe?? speaking of local British Tribe, had you heard of Boudica the Warrior Queen ? The tribe led by her almost chase the Romans out from the British Isles :slight_smile:

Wait… isn’t Raphael supposed to be one of the most powerful archangel ? :slight_smile:


Oh yes, the Romans completely stole the Greek pantheon, but they also came up with some gods and goddess of their own - Janus pops to mind.

Yup. They built a great wall to keep out the Celts- not that it served them very well.

Wow, Boudica sounds awesome. We actually had a brave warrior of our own, Viriato of the Lusitanos people that resisted the Roman invasion in the Iberian peninsula.

Ahah not this one. This Rafael has as much in common with an archangel as Alessa to a nun.

Edit: @Hani_Fina Thank you for your kind words :blush:


Wow !!! I read about Viriato’s legacy, so he is the father of guerrilla warfare, it seems …and actually managed to defeat the Romans until he was killed by traitors while sleeping :frowning:

No !!! :-):sweat_smile: Alessa shouldn’t be a nun, i will be heartbroken … :-):joy:


Viriato was a damn badass. I remember bugging my parents to buy me a book about him when I was younger lol.

Yup. And allegedly, when the traitors sought payment after Viriato’s murder, the Roman commander ordered their public execution saying that “Rome does not pay to traitors” :grimacing: So at least some form of justice was served.

Oh, monastery life would destroy poor Alessa :laughing: Worry not, she will stay as far away from it as she physically can.


Yeah… at least moral of the story was we shouldn’t be a traitor , because betrayal will always lead others to betray us as well :wink:

Hahaha… and i will chase after Alessa no matter where she run :-):stuck_out_tongue:


I’m replaying and just dropping back in to say that I love the relationship descriptions and I’m really happy you went that way! Maybe it’s just me, but seeing those values in a story format feels more…realistic? Natural? I just know it stops me from obsessively checking relationship numbers before/after making a choice to see if they changed. :wink:


That’s actually the reason why I wanted the text descriptions in the first place. I also tend to obsess too easily with tiny stat changes and sometimes that really impairs my enjoyment of some games (totally my fault for being a perfectionist).

I don’t want people to worry too much about numbers and percentages while they’re playing my game. I would much rather they focus on picking the options that feel right for their MC and not an npc. Plus, I think it’s more fun to see what a character thinks based on their reaction and not a +2 relationship increase.

The same goes for the personality stats. They are there more as a tracking system for how your character tends to act - but I don’t want them to be too restrictive. Of course, an MC that has consistently been God-abiding can’t suddenly turn around and take part in a pagan ritual :smile: But for the most part, they’re there for the player and for how the characters react to you, not the plot.


But… but… but , taking part in pagan ritual is also God-abiding right? :-):thinking:

I mean… i will attend all religious ceremony with a faithfull and sincere heart :slight_smile:


If your MC believes in the Dogma of the Church, that there is only one true God, then they can’t believe in any other. I mean, there is an Inquisition patroling the land to make sure people abide by this, after all.

Obviously, you can change your perspective as the game advances - or strength it. Or simply not care about celestial affairs in the first place.

But if you are a true Catholic, then certain actions will be disabled at certain points; and vice-versa.

I will, however, keep track of any other gods you may believe in. It will be via hidden flags, but they’ll be there. :wink:


Inquistion?? That sound scary… so i can’t be so naive to tell people that i believe in “all the Gods” :slight_smile:… well , most likely the hidden flag will show that i believe in all the gods in your universe :slight_smile: including the Dogma of the church … hahaha


Wow that’s some quality writing, this is going to be good! :smiley:

Only typo I saw was in the the opening quote, it says “and” instead of “an”

Edit: Also when you have a longbow you can ‘lunch’ towards the armor.


Wow. Trust me to mess up the opening quote. :woman_facepalming:

What a great first impression.

Hmm, can I ask you what was the action you took right before the option to “lunch” at the armor appeared?


I too, launch arrows at my enemies via Longbows. But I prefer to stab people with Daggers.


Oh, never mind, I’ve found it. No more throwing dinner plates at armors now.

Just a quick FYI, I’ve added in the option to skip the prologue. I’m sure you guys must be tired of clicking through it. :slight_smile:

Edit: Btw, congrats for the anniversary @Kanaya :tada:


Not always. But having that option would be nice when we replay. Lol.


I read that phrase as “I too,launch arrows at my enemies via Longsword” and I had to pause for a full minute and be like “what” btw,happy cake day @Kanaya