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Billy is the best :joy: I love him.


I can’t believe people want to get rid of him!! So what if he makes us late for battle? Just an awesome way for our mc to make an epic entrance and save the day :joy::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Like the Hulk in the 1st avengers movie


No one else will want to hire you if you keep being late for every job… you know like when we used to go to school, there were always someone who doesn’t like to follow rules and keep being absent from school or when they go to school, they were always late. So, they were branded as troublemaker.
I want to be successful as a mercenary… not branded as a troublemaker.
So, yeah… I am one of those people who wants to get rid of the spoiled horse who thinks he’s almighty God.


Leeeeeaaaaaavvvvveeeeeeeeee Billy aloooonnnneeeee!

You know that trope where the hero arrives into battle seriously late, but upon their arrival the battle is pretty much decided in their favor because they’re just that powerful? Perhaps Billy knows something we don’t know, and wants us to be that hero?

Or perhaps that trope where the stubborn animal companion is actually a powerful ally, and once you gain their loyalty, they are your companion for life? I have this feeling Billy could end up being this ultra brave and loyal steed, slowly walking you into battle to preserve both of your strengths, so that he can also fight in his horsely way after you dismount to start fighting. A little horse armor™ and he will be nigh on unstoppable!

Sure, you can have your flashy horse that does nothing intelligent on their own but at least follows your orders to the letter and gets you where you want to go fast. Me? I think I will stick with my stubborn, but sweetly charming, Billy. And I will murder all who try to hurt him or take him away from me. And later down the line when everyone else has gotten rid of their Billy’s, my Billy will be a gallant knight of a horse wearing his horse armor™ and taking out enemies side by side with me. Bet he probably knows magic too! He might have been a unicorn, but had someone remove his horn to hide the fact so that he could accompany this prophesied hero in their journey. So, take your flashy horse. I’ll choose Billy any day!


What if instead of armor, we could give Billy some cute horse jewelry :horse::gem: Or braid his hair? :heart_eyes:

Like this



Oooh I like that! Maybe the author would be so inclined to name that style of decorating your horse after you. Baepsae style™.

I’d love it!


I for one believe the only reason you should be late to battle is if you are bringing captured shiploads of super powerful ghosts that will guarantee that your side wins


His old greasy hair :heart_eyes: that would be amaziiiing it would bring out the blue in his cloudy eye :joy:
We should start a petition, @Anathema wouldn’t resist :grin:

Tbh what a great idea if he turned out to be the Almighty God, certainly has the looks for it.


Stop screaming…my ears are bleeding…
There’s no way MC is so strong that there presence alone will decide the battle… correct me if I am wrong @Anathema
And if you are late but the battle is already decided doesn’t matter if you win or lose… everyone will hate you for being useless (more or less). You will try to explain the situation about your horse. And they’re like “How pathetic can you be to be blaming your horse for your own incompetent”
So, the first chance I get to sell Billy, I will choose a horse that will complement my MC. If the author don’t give us the opportunity, then I just have to suck it up and go with the flow.
@PlantHoarder to me Billy doesn’t look like a god…far from it. He barely is legal as a horse…more like an ass. I don’t remember the proper description of Billy, but I still remember that it was not beautiful or graceful.


You guys :laughing: I never thought Billy would be the subject of this much debate. At the end of the day, whether you love him, hate him or are indifferent towards him, I’m very happy I was able to write such a controversial character.

Did I expect that character to be a horse? No. But I’m happy nonetheless.

And again, for those who don’t like, or simply don’t want Billy - there will be opportunities to change horses. I’m not going to force you to be stuck with Billy for the whole story, worry not.

(Actually, if your relationship with him is low enough, he straight up becomes unrideable. So you’ll be pretty much forced to get another horse).

@joe_g7 Glad you like him! There’s more Billy to come.

You’re not the first person to suggest this :smile: Do y’all really think Billy has the grace to be a unicorn? He would ruin their reputation.

@Viking7373 Ah, but unfortunately there are no undead armies of cowardly oathbreakers in the Golden Rose’s world. You’ll just have to try and make sure you’re not late for your battles.

Why do I find this hilarious? Poor Billy needs a legal document certifying him as a horse. Otherwise, everyone just takes him for a weird cow.

I… actually never thought about horse customization. I haven’t even updated the MC’s customization scene yet, but it’s something to think about. No promises or anything. I like the idea, but what would it really add to the game?

Maybe if you reach a good relationship with your horse you can braid their hair or something? Idk I’m thinking out loud here.

Also, as a final note, let’s try to keep the tone friendly. I’m not saying it currently isn’t, but some choice words can be taken the wrong way - this is the internet, after all. Intent is easy to get lost in translation. I’d rather not see that happening :relaxed:


@Anathema had a drawing of Billy in earlier post… i suppose Billy looks cute and funny , however i couldn’t shake off the feeling that he is laughing or mocking at me :-):sweat_smile:
But still, i am willing to let Billy stay comfortably at my home (if i ever have a home)… Since Alessa likes Billy , i could always use this as an excuse to invite Alessa to visit me :wink:

" Hey Alessa, I think Billy is sick and he miss you… howabout visiting me…i meant Billy this evening ?"


You sly devil…


I don’t know if any of you play the Ace Attorney games, but this reminded me of Ron DeLite :joy:

Also, I’m firmly on Team Billy. Y’all can catch these hands :joy:


Man…most women are dangerous creatures…:wink:


" Hey Alessa, I think Billy is sick and he miss you… howabout visiting me…i meant Billy this evening ? "

inb4 Billy headbutts her as well just to ruin your plans.



The super talented @SmolPirate drew Hadrian!! :black_heart:

I’ve been looking at him for 3 hours straight :sob:

If you haven’t already, check out her WIP, The Vanished Project! It Is Good™ :ok_hand:


I love how his sword is sparkly lol


AHH Alrighto finally got off my lazy fox butt and got started (and finished) reading your demo. AND AHHHHH IT’S AMAZING AS I EXPECTED FROM @peaches AND @SmolPirate’s HYPE AROUND IT.

Really love the interactions in between the characters and the overall moods the settings in each chapter presents (from the slightly claustrophobic ruin tombs to the much more open setting in chapter 2), also that first interlude tho… so sp00ky. Also I can be a sarcastic prick of a MC! So that’s awesome!

The trio of characters we currently have reminds me of those classic adventure stories about exploring the lands that I used to read back when I was younger (coincidentally, the first chapter is about going through some ruins to find some treasure to sell XD). The trio’s relationship almost reminded me of the characters in ‘Diaspora’, whom I also love as well.

After playing through the whole WiP, I can now for sure with 100% certainty that I am 100% Hadrian trash and I love that messy piece of a templar hunk and I want to tease him forever fsdnknlsdnfsd :joy: Best husband Hadrien

He’s turning into a magical girl templar :sparkles:

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I don’t see any issue with the first typo, and English is my native tongue. It’s probably just a different dialect than what you’re used to. For instance were I’m from most people would probably leave the “a” out of that sentence. It feels superfluous to me, and adding the “is” just makes it seem too wordy of a sentence.