The Golden Rose (WIP) - Updated 5th of December, 2018 - Now with a Tumblr



I was just joking and then someone scienced the shit out of it, and then everything went 0 to 60 real fast


I keep picturing Hadrian as Blackwall from Dragon Age.


I’m gonna bring us back on topic by gushing about how cute Hadrien is :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’m really excited to see more of him and learn more about his mysterious past that he seems to not want MC to know about :smirk:

Also, I really want to learn more about the witch! She’s giving me White Witch vibes from the Chronicles of Narnia. There’s just something so sinister about her even though we’ve seen so little of her so far…

Also wanted to say that your writing style is so lovely! I honestly couldn’t tell that English wasn’t your native language. Every page had me wanting more! :smiley:

Looking forward to the next update!

(also we are forum icon twins :O)


sigh Hadrian… I also can’t wait to see more of him.


I’m can’t decide who to smooch so


I have no idea why, but I am getting some serious SQUEE! vibes… but I might also be hallucinating, because I’m holding out for a mysterious character we haven’t even met yet that I just know is going to be my type. And since I’m holding out for that character, I hope they reject me for not hopping on Hadrian’s wall…though currently if I had to choose… Nope, won’t say it, I would rather not get mauled before I go home.


Just hoping this character you’re holding out for isn’t _The Bastard_


No, I’m holding on for an imaginary character that hasn’t been mentioned yet and probably never will because… well, because I might be hallucinating still. After this is finished, I’ll know for sure which one I will try for…and share every glorious rejection along the way! I might have to make my own thread just to write the story of my character getting rejected.


That is so depressive, but I would actually love to read that :laughing: The Chronicles of the Rejected Mercenary.

Nah, but real talk. It’s very possible you might end up not liking any of the romance options available. I’ll try my best to make a diverse cast, but it can happen. Hopefully, you can still enjoy the game regardless! :slight_smile:


That’s such a nice compliment thank you so much! I’m not entirely deserving, but I really appreciate it!

I know right? I actually found the post :laughing:

Look at them, staring at each other

Our icons are either in love or in bitter war lol

Ah! Hadrian wishes he had Blackwall’s amazing beard.


My MC and Hadrian don’t see eye to eye after some specific events… now they are ready to kill each other… I am guessing that if this animosity between those two continues my MC is going to kill Hadrian for real. ‘No hard feelings bro, but you are getting in the way of my play style’.
So, is it possible to kill RO’s?


You monster why would you kill poor Hadrian?


I remember you mention Hadrian is willing to swap horse with MC ? :slight_smile:


ROs and key characters are not killable, no. At least for the near future. They all have roles to play in the story that are not interchangeable (that’s what makes them important characters after all).

Plus, due to… certain events, Hadrian may be angry at you, but he would never actually fight you to the death.

The MC, Alessa, and Hadrian have a history. No matter how you might feel about them, they do care for you. At this point in the story, you can already damage the relationship with both of them, but they’re not just going to stop caring completely.

Nah, Hadrian is already quite loyal to Elly. He’s a one-horse type of man, I’m afraid. I’m sorry to say that at least in the near future, you’re stuck with Billy, Eric :smile:


I love Billy and I don’t want us to part ways, he has personality and kicks ass, best :horse: i don’t think we can do better, where do you go when you’ve hit the top? Anyway Billy is an Icon


His mistreatment prompts me to show no mercy to anyone. You mess with my Billy you don’t deserve to live.

No, it’s not a form of learned helplessness and emotional abuse. It’s like when your sibling is the only one that’s allowed to be like that to you and anyone that touches them in a threatening manner deserves death.

Don’t touch or make fun of my Billy.


Just jump from the top and climb up once again , i always love the story of Return of the King :wink:

I will most likely leave Billy at home eating carrots while i walk the distance like Strider :wink:


I need a mount that knows how to follow orders. I’m sending Billy to fuck off first chance I get.


Hey… that’s a best way to make Alessa agree to swap her horse with us, Alessa loves Billy … hence she will beg us not to send Billy away by agreeing to swap her horse with us :-):yum:


I am really sorry… I don’t mean to upset you and your kind… Please forgive my ignorance.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


loving it so far, keep up the good work