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Perhaps in the story , MC manage to neutralise a vengeful Pagan / Witchcraft practitioner who try to assassinate the Pope ??

Or perhaps MC manage to recover the Holy Grail , which was rumour to be carried by the Templars while retreat from Krak des Chevaliers :slight_smile:

That would justify MC’s reward right ? :slight_smile:


Sounds cool, but I’m kind of hoping mc doesn’t have to be the chosen one and say the world, I’m liking the story feels right now, something like simple person trying to make a living


Well… that is only the path of Pious MC :-):joy:

And recovering the Holy Grail is profitable for a mercenary and his/her company , surely more kings and lords of christianity prefer to employ the service of one who bear a true cross right ? :slight_smile:

While sinful MC perhaps will attract the employment of the Norse or Eastern European tribes :slight_smile:


How exactly do you give these things likes? If I had known you could do that, I would have liked about a million wips by now!


This is where the little heart icon usually is, it’s just lots of people skip it by not seeing or being distracted by the descriptions



You have just created a monster… a liking monster!

One day you will look back upon this day and wonder if you could have changed the way things played out by choosing not to show me where to like it…


If you don’t brush your teeth, after few days your breath will be foul.


It won’t be the foul smell of meat and blood , i suppose :slight_smile:


That’s the best kind of monster :grin:

But there’s already a character with purple eyes. I can’t go around throwing that unique color everywhere :wink:

I don’t want to devel into too many spoilers, but let’s just say that the cross the witch wears is as much a bitter statement as it is (in her eyes) a crucial part of her outfit. But @flocktrops is not wrong about Peter and his upside down crucifixion.

I’m not sure how many (if any) relics will be in the story, but I can tell you that IF anyone in power were to give anything to the MC, it would be faaar in the future. Again, if such a thing were to happen.

Right now, you’re a mercenary that’s trying to find some random maps that Rafael stole from you. Let’s not dream too big!! :slight_smile:

No fear, our witch’s breath smells like rosemary and mint. As fresh as the morning air of a winter day. :snowflake:


Well , then i guess if the Witch is not eating human flesh… then there is nothing to be afraid of her :wink:


She could be just very diligently brushing her teeth… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But the residue of our devouring is within the stomach, and after that the “nutrients” of what we ate is distribute to our veins and arteri… so when she sweat … the scent of human meat will still be there :-):grin:


Are you a vegan? If not do you smell like chicken, lamb, ox, etc … when you sweat?:sweat_smile:


I smell like a human when I—gasp—am I a cannibal?


Lol… not a Vegan, but for a species who devour their own species … it is inevitable that, the digestion of their system will release foul scent which is unnatural :wink:


Hmm… since I have not encountered anyone like that I can’t confirm which theory is right.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
@Bathala are you a sleepwalker??? If so there is 42% chance you might be one of the few cannibals.:rofl:


You’re…you’re talking about poop right?

Funny fact: The human body does not distinguish between energy sources, nor does it differentiate between the different types of meat the owner ingests. Even if the meat ingested is of the same species. And, believe it or not, nothing supernatural happens and you don’t become a crazed, evil psychopath having consumed the meat of your own species. Remember that story of that soccer team (football to some of you) that their plane crashed in the Andes, and they had to resort to eating their dead teammates in order to survive until they got rescued? As far as I know, none of them turned evil or had supernatural abilities after that.

Then, there are the Vietnam stories. This isn’t regarding cannibalism, but rather regarding…what comes out after you digest. Yes, your waste products. Some of the guys who used to go out on stealth (or stealth-ish) missions would hold their solid waste as long as they could, and if they couldn’t would put it in a sealable container as the smell of their solid waste would be different than the other soldiers because of a difference in diet. They could smell the Vietcong by their waste, and if they didn’t seal their waste up, the Vietcong could smell them by theirs.

So… yes, ‘the digestion of their system will release foul scent which is unnatural’ in that, it will smell different than it would if they ate the same things as you and your group.

As to the scents given off by sweat, I can only think of three different things that cause abnormal smelling sweat. Diabetes - giving off a sugary sweet smelling aroma, having consumed alcohol - essentially smelling like a brewery…because that is kind of what is happening inside your body, and by virtue of homeostasis, it is attempting to get rid of the alcohol inside your body. And the third would be a medical malady such as cancer. Though that is a general scent rather than one only given off by sweating, but can be more pronounced when sweating.

And…uhh…oh its Eric Knight I’m replying to… oops. I forget that my friend rarely is serious. So uhh… never mind my entire wall of text please!


Not that I’m against learning new things even if it’s about cannibalism guys, but


Yeah guys, this is getting a bit morbid.

Let’s listen to filthy frank here, and please stop the cannibalism talk :slightly_smiling_face:


How did we end up here anyway? I don’t even remember what are we talking about in the first place.:sweat: