The Golden Rose (WIP) - Updated 5th of December, 2018 - Now with a Tumblr



Absolutely stunning banner! Your sister is very talented <3


Aww, Eric, you’re not charmed by handsome Billy?

I’ll definitely add the choice to stare at his helmet, in awe or otherwise. You can also ask him for his helmet, but why on earth would he ever give it to you? :smile:

@TeamCorvid LOL :joy:

Thank you so much for saying that! My sister is pretty new to drawing, so I’m trying all I can to boost her confidence.

I’m going to show her your comment for sure. :black_heart:


Lol… Billy is cute, that’s why i want Alessa have him :wink:

as a gesture of good will, he should give me his helmet :wink:


What??? OMG! Please tell her that I was certain she’d been drawing for years! The gorgeous shading on the symbol alone…! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


When I killed Garret this appeared in the relationship menu, Hadrian and Alessa appear twice


Thanks for letting me know.

I’ve also realized there’s a bug on the kill Garrett scene. If you’re romancing Hadrian, he’s supposed to react a lot differently. But for some reason, that’s not triggering.

Now I can’t help but wonder how many more scenes the same thing is happening…

Why can’t I get this damn code right? jesus christ


This was at the top of Google search


Look, guys! My sister drew our lovely witch! She looks kinda sweet lol. I wonder where she got that idea… :thinking:

Writing-wise, progress has been slowwwww. My brother and his girlfriend came home for the holidays, so I barely had any time at all in the house for the past two weeks. (Plus, I’m still kinda hangover from New Year’s Eve, lmaoo). But everything has calmed down now and hopefully, I can get back to working full speed.

I want to finish The Golden Rose in 2019, so I really need to start getting serious with this.

Anyway, I hope you all had an amazing start of the new year, and Happy 2019! (Yes, I realize it’s four days late, I’m sorry).


Excellent drawing …
I do wonder why all Evil characters have Red Eyes ? :-):thinking: I do think Red eyes are charming…

Happy new year to you too :slight_smile:


Red is generally associated with things like power, lust, determination, intensity and danger, so I’d assume that’s why. A witch with, say, blue eyes wouldn’t really have the same essence. Personally, red is my favorite colour so I love it!

@Anathema that art is beautiful! Now I want to romance the witch. Is that a… possibility down the line?


No wonder that guy was dying to have the witch’s attention, just look at her, anyway yoir sister’s art still are :ok_hand: really good, she’s very talented, does she plan to make all the characters or just the girls? Does she post her art anywhere on social media, so i can follow? BTW i love the upside down cross in her neck.
About the rate the story is moving, don’t stress yourself, it’s good that you have a goal to finish this year, but any progress be it small or not is still progress.

Also idk why but this scene were Hadrian says I’m a better woman than him is amusing

You’ve spared him," he says finally, and his eyes are soft as he turns them to you. “You’re a better woman than I, Lyra. I don’t know if I could have given him mercy.”


I wish I could give you an answer as deep and well-thought-out as soprano’s but I’ll be honest and admit she has red eyes because I thought it looked cool :sweat_smile:. I imagined a delicate woman all dressed in white with blood red eyes, so that’s what I wrote.

But power, lust, determination, intensity, and danger are all words that can definitely describe the witch. Especially the last one.


Romance the witch? My, I’m not sure you know what you would be getting into. Gonna have to give a non-answer on this one :yum:

Thank you! Yeah, my sister has an Instagram art account (I linked it on the original post), but tbh she rarely posts there. I don’t think she uploaded any of her most recent drawings :expressionless: I’ve tried to make her more involved on the internet, but to no avail lol.

My sister has more practice with feminine faces, that’s why she has been doing the female characters, but I think she’ll try to draw Hadrian next. I’m actually curious to see how she imagines him.

I also like the cross! I think it may be a bit too much hammer-fisted symbolism but what the hell. She’s a witch, she can be dramatic :smile:

Amusing in what way, if I might ask?

Also, I’ve just noticed that my WIP has gotten to 200 likes. I’m honestly astonished that 200 people have read my story and have liked it enough to click that little heart button at the top. It may seem like an insignificant gesture, but it means a lot to me. Especially when I’m having doubts over my writing.

So at the risk of sounding overly mushy (and no one wants that) I just want to say thanks to everyone who has liked and commented on this thread. :black_heart: I’ll try to get the next update out before the end of this month.

Now, no more sentimental posts from me, I promise :grimacing:


I agree with both you and @soprano :slight_smile:

Although i think Purple eyes have a more mysterious Aura for an unpredicatable witch :-):joy:

Hmm … the cross is a christianity relic right ? I would think a witch won’t want to wear a cross since it is supposed to against Witchcraft right ? :slight_smile:
Or perhaps she was misunderstood as a Witch ? :slight_smile:


Maybe she’s fighting against the Church? (I would totally join her…>.>)


That is… “Sinful” :-):fearful:


she is wearing an upside down cross however :smiling_imp:

I would too! Maybe the witch is good after all? :hugs:


I think that depend on what type of Witch she is…
In Wardstone chronicles, the evil witch skin or eat human meat , and then keep their bones and skin for witchcraft… i won’t want to be near these foul witch…
The good witch is determined as never devour any human flesh , although they might kill humans before , but generally trying to coorperate with humans.

We can identify the type of witches by smelling their breath , those who had devour human flesh or blood will possess a foul smell from their mouth once we inhale their breath near them :slight_smile:


But the upside-down cross was because of Peter one of Jesus bros, being used as a anti-Christian symbol is a recent thing


I had read that the pope had given king Alfred of the Old England a piece of true cross for his contribution in parley and converting the Norse warriors who invade the British Isle back then …

Perhaps you can design a scene , where the loyal MC who dedicate to christianity be given a piece of the True Cross as well ? I think this will be a just reward for Pious MC :slight_smile:

As for Sinful MC, perhaps a piece of Arthena’s Shield ? :wink:


But why would anyone give mc such a valuable thing? Mc is a mere mercenary no matter their views in religion