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lol can just see mc riding Billy and being late to a battle, while everyone is fighting, like Hulk on the 1st avengers movie


Perish the thought! Billy would never subject himself to that. Only if you gave him lots of carrots.

Right? Mutual contempt brings beast and man together, or so I’m told.

I won’t lie, if you decide to keep him, something like that may happen lmao. He is an old, lethargic horse after all. Regardless of how many bandits he headbutts :laughing:


“Sorry I’m late guys, Billy saw a flower.”


My sinful mc trying to romance Hadrian without him screaming “heresy!”





If there is a God, I’m going to hell for laughing at that.


Sorry for double posting but I would also like to mention that’s exactly how I feel trying to romance Alessa as a pious MC. Someone make THAT meme.


Is it possible to swap horse with either Alessa or Hadrian ?

Since Alessa handle Billy better, and i have high relationship with her, Alessa won’t mind to swap horse right ? :slight_smile:


Or better yet, we get rid of Billy and ride with Alessa.


I’ll do you one better… Get rid of Alessa’s horse and ride with her on Billy.


@Escanor @soprano

That won’t do well during battle … Alessa needs a horse herself to charge :wink:

Hmm I wonder if Alessa would mind at all.

“Hey Alessa,” you call out to her, an easy smile on your lips. She looks up from her bowl of broth. “Would you mind swapping horses with me? I feel like you and Billy have a special connection. I wouldn’t want to meddle between that.”

Alessa looks towards Billy, who’s resting sprawled on the ground by the campfire. His eyes are closed but Billy has his whole tongue lolling out from between his lips, drool gathering at the corners.

She turns back to stare at you evenly. “… No,” she says and resumes her dinner.

Your smile drops. It was a long shot anyway.

“Well, I’m done,” Hadrian announces and stands up, stretching his long limbs. He moves towards your tents, and your eyes follow his back. Then shift to Elly, his sweet mare.

The wheels turn in your head. The smile returns to your lips.

“Hey, Hadrian!” you call out, running after him.

By the fire, Alessa shakes her head. But she keeps her grin to herself.

Nah, but you guys have just given me an idea. :stuck_out_tongue:


Howabout " Hey Alessa , Billy is overloaded with my belongings… can i ride with you ? " :-):hugs:


I’ll do you all one better, we get rid of both horses and ride the ROs.


Inappropriate joke coming in 3…2…


How is that even possible? :-):rofl:

At most we could walk hand-in-hand without horses…


With a little faith and wiliness to try anything is possible



I love what you have done with the story so far @Anathema Billy is hilariously awesome, Hadrian is everyone’s favorite joking brother, and Alessa is kudere GOLD. Keep up the good work!


Aww Eric that’s so sweet.

I’m not sure I know what that means but hopefully it’s good!

Thank you for your lovely comment :blush:


Alright, here it is. I’m so damn nervous, it’s ridiculous.

Minor update

  • For those of you who want to kill Garrett, you may now do so.

  • Fixed grammar mistakes, continuity issues and a couple of bugs. If you are male and express concern for Hadrian (or are romancing him), he should be the one to help you with Billy, not Alessa.

  • Expanded some dialogue options, as well as rewrote a couple of scenes based on provided feedback.

  • Added one achievement.

The game stands a new grand total of 81k words, and the average playthrough length… stays the same. :sob:

Now, solely because I’m curious: when you’ve played the prologue, which choice did you liked best? If you only played it the one time, which choice did you pick?

  • Closed his eyes and prayed.
  • Gazed at Baiae.
  • Thought of his mother’s village.
  • Thought of his Domina.

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So unless there are any bugs, or no new suggestions/proposals, chapter 2 thus stands finished. Onwards to chapter 3! :rose: