The Golden Rose (WIP) - Updated 12th of July, 2019

Nah, you’re doing the pulling, me, I’m just along for the glorius ride, yelping in joy now and then. :blush: Bu if I can give you ideas (why do I picture Hardian blushing at this? :thinking:) then I am glad. :grin:


Why does every other choice feel like I’m betraying Billy?:cry:


I’m looking forward to playing an MC who doesn’t care about the God’s. Who just wants to catch Rafael and get with his RO.


Well, if Hadrian were to patch the large wound on your back… blushing wouldn’t even begin to describe the hues of red that would assault that man’s face :smile:

Ah, but that pesky, pesky Church might just care about you…


But then we can be Anathema to the church :wink:

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And that, my creative friend, is exactly why I would positively adore such a scene. :grin:


I am absolutely loving this so far. I’m disappointed I didn’t look at it sooner to be honest! I love the choices, characters and the dialogue (Team Alessa ftw)

I’m really curious about the MC’s background. My choices make it seem likes he’s a complete loon tbh, and I’m dying to know more! Can’t wait til the next update!


The origins of the teutonic order is to day still unknown. and will most likely remain obscure forever. Due to lack of sources.

What we do know of the order and its knights comes from the first Teutonic chronicle.

Narratio de primordiis Ordinis Theutonici

The problem with this text is that it dates more than a half century after the events occurred.

Anyway your game is great!
Cheers :tea:

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Nice :wink:

MC: Hadrian, could you take a look at a wound I have? Will was tougher than I expected.

Hadrian: Of course! Let me get my-

MC proceeds to take off shirt.

Hadrian DIES. :skull:

@heavens_way_out So glad you enjoyed it! A loon, you say? :eyes:

Oh, that’s very interesting. I’ll have to read about this Teutonic chronicle :relaxed:


Oh noes, time for mouth to mouth! :scream:

…yes… :grimacing: :wink:


I just played the demo and I wanted to say that I absolutely love the story and the characters. Can’t wait to see where this goes :slight_smile:

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i’m not sure if it’s just me but i keep getting this when i check the relationship after i get the romance hadrian achievement??

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Fixed! So sorry about that.

These damn relationship stats :weary:

@CLK Thank you for leaving a comment and welcome to the community! I’m glad you liked the demon :slight_smile:

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So sorry to double post.

But I have finally got around to update the fanart section of the main post! It’s full of amazing art and the proper links to the artists Tumblr/Instagram/Forum names. :dizzy:

For those of you who want to check it out!

Because @Feather gave me permission, here is a preview! Her version of Hadrian and Alessa :black_heart:

Her freckles!

Blushing, of course!


I’m dead. Too. Fucking. Cute.


Meanwhile, my main Male MC has a beard and you will have to pry it from his cold, dead fingers. :joy:

I wasn’t playing my main MCs; that was just me testing out the reverse confession scenes I seeing people mention due to being curious.

But because I’m far too amused by oblivious responses (most of the time; it will clearly occasionally break my heart), probably going to have a few MCs have some level of oblivious in them, like my main male MC Fenrir. He’s an amiable man with usually genuine nature harbors a sharp wit. Though when it comes down to it, he has more experience handling books than lovers, so Alessa might be in for a time trying to get him to fully catch onto some cues.

Basically, he will need to be occasionally smacked with a neon-lighted sign in regards to some romantic cues (his lover could straight out say ‘TAKE ME’ and he’ll more often give the baffled response ‘take you where?’).

Am far too amused by the choice to take the drink from the charming stranger while only think ‘what a nice gesture. That stanger was kind’. Just picturing their disbelief was priceless. :joy:

OK, I will admit myself that mustaches only facial hair make me laugh more often than not. But after all the clean shaven main characters pretty boys I’ve seen, I personally like it when one’s got some kinda face scruff on them. :laughing:

OK, I can see that. With a positive history still there, feelings would still be at root.

If the Male MC didn’t know Alessa long enough and had tried to draw her closer on the horse, I imagined he would have had a broken wrist in response or been death stared that clearly said ‘don’t even think about it’. :sweat_smile:

Yes, it is a compliment. :grinning: It means that not only do I feel a connection with the MC (and hence this story’s events/world), but I already feel just as invested in the characters and their own journeys.

Ah yes. I’ve been enjoying the dear the dear crow’s drawings a great deal.

Especially if the swimswim and flapflap.


That’s odd, I swore I had the ability to do that with a male MC before. Unfortunately I seem to have lost my saves with the update, so I’d like to put that as a suggestion for the future instead. I think having that second chance before you’re locked out of the early game same-sex option entirely would be good. Players might not understand the opportunity they’re missing, or, in my case, be playing an MC who’s not so picky about who patches them.

And in regards to the poly thing, there’s no need for apologies! As I said, I’m usually a monogamy-option person anyway, and not having it in the Golden Rose isn’t any skin off my nose when Hadrian and Alessa’s routes are already so wonderful. I’m losing nothing and gaining everything, so I have zero complaints!

In more important news: Alessa’s freckles are so cute and I want to smooch ALL of them.


This gave me an idea. There could be another a tweaked option at that first ‘patch me up’ scene where the MC is sort of relieved that the one they are interested in won’t be touching them, because they might give away the fact they are attracted to them? Without making the MC blush or something that is connected to shy/forward flirting? Only internal dialogue, kind of? :thinking:

Poorly phrased, probably, but I hope it comes across as intended. :grimacing:

Sort of like this, from a female MC’s perspective:

o You glance at Alessa, part wishing she would do it, but the thought of her touching you... As much as you would enjoy it, perhaps best not to tempt fate.

I don’t know, merely an idea that popped into my head and I suck at phrasing it here too. :blush:

Not sure how I have missed it before, but when getting to the gates and pushing our horse to get there, there’s the scene with falling off that has an inconsistency:

And then two hands close on your shoulders and pull you up. Hadrian peers at you, his face white in worry. “Did you get hurt, (MC name)?”

o You give him a thankful nod. “I am,” you say, and pat him friendly on the arm. “Thank you.”

Sounds like the MC is responding to ‘Are you all right?’ rather than ‘Are you hurt?’


After a battle

Someone oblivious as a brick: MC, are you hurt?

MC, who has a significant wound: I am, use their bleeding hand not-so-friendly pat on their arm, thank you.



Just finish reading the latest playthrough , i must say that i love it very much, you put in lots of efforts and details in each scenes as well as the emotional display of most characters , that is actually quite unique , to be honest because you give lives to some non-player characters who may ( or may not ) have minor roles in your story , and it always keep me wondering whether such character(s) hold some role in future encounters…

Well. i am glad i had already successfully romanced Alessa, personally her romancing scene was well written and done so with a balanced pace… and the process of reaching the romancing phase was really intriguing , especially the scene when i chose to look at Valen and to my surprise !! Alessa noticed this and may had develop sort of jealousy ? mistrust to my gesture towards Valen ? and then there was that mysterious tavern lady who gave me a drink ? all these little encounter totally provide some spice for the potential romance story with an RO (Alessa ) …

By the way, is Valen and that tavern lady a potential RO as well if MC didn’t choose to lock in with Alessa or Hadrim’s romance ? should i delay an early romance to see whether these new characters could turn out to be an RO as well ?

I am betting some future players will most likely delay the early romance to have a chance to romance either Valen or that tavern lady , because you had done a great job in delivering an enigmatic aura to them , in which players will likely longing for a future romance with them