The Golden Rose (WIP) - Updated 12th of July, 2019

alessa drag my ass out of muddy water and still fell for me


And she still likes my male MC despite the fact that he stood little chance against Will (Fenrir is more scholar than warrior) and, for some unknown reason thinks he’s smoother than she is which I’m calling bullcrap on, I’ve seen those snippets, Alessa.


Finally, after a decade of the update being out, I got around to playing it. @Anathema I know I already told you this, but I want to reiterate how much I love this game, and the update was way beyond my expectations.

The thing that impressed me the most the first time I played, and continues to be the biggest delight, is the relationship between the MC, Hadrian, and Alessa. Even from the moment the player meets them, its so easy to fall right into the MC’s relationship with them. The MC has known them for months, if not years, and right from the moment we are pulled out of the river I feel like as a player I can slide into that relationship easily. In a few paragraphs you make it feel like a well lived in relationship, which is so rare in these games.

Chapter 3 delivers on the promise of those relationships better than I could have hoped, I love Alessa so much, and Hadrian’s genuine happiness at seeing two of his friends getting close is so sweet. The scene in the tavern where it seems like there is unspoken tension between the three of us, and then the dealing with that tension, was really well done, and I’m so happy everyone acted like adults about sometimes being left out of the loop!

Liuetenant Vallen instantly jumps out aaas extremely likeable in the little bit we get to interact with her, and I’ll be happy to get to know her more as the game goes on! Vaughn is majorly unlikable, of course. I love Rafael’s presence in Chapter 3, he isn’t on screen at all, but it still feels in a way like his introduction chapter, getting to hear more about him from Alessa (and the MC themselves).

As someone with anxiety issues, I really appreciate the scene in the tub. The adventures are already leaving mental scars, and I’m dreading (in a good way) where they might end up as they no doubt go through worse and worse trauma.

Here are a few bits of feedback

I think "at a frantic, maniacal speed as… " would be more grammatically correct (I could be wrong though!)

the wording just jumped out as a little awkward, something like: “and what was left was barely standing” might flow better?

Everything is in the present tense except for this sentence, I think it should be “Three pairs of footsteps echo between…” instead of the past tense “echoed”.

When we see the Eye in the tavern, I wish we had an option to indicate to Hadrian and Alessa we saw them!

That was it!

I’m so happy to finally see more of the game, but now I’m left greedy for the next update!


Thank you so much @jmh for the in-depth review! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the update, I’ll try my best to keep up!

About the feedback, I think it makes sense to tell Hadrian and Alessa about the Eye you spot in the tavern. I’ll probably add a new conversation branch in the tavern discussion tree :blush:

Thanks for the typos! The first especially is incredibly helpful because honestly I still sometimes can’t quite tell when I should use in and at or on. Should have paid more attention to that English lesson! :smile:

As @Flaine1996 pointed out, it’s more a figure of speech. Of course, your eyes aren’t only on Hadrian and Alessa - you would stumble more than poor old Billy! I haven’t written that new interaction yet - I’m focused ahead instead of looking back - so I’m not sure the exact words I’ll end up using. But I’ll keep what you said in mind!

Speaking of which, a small progress update!

I just finished writing the first big branch for the next update! It's one out of five. For all my outlining affords, the cathedral branch grew nonetheless, but I am very happy with how it turned out!

It’s the first time the MC will be in contact with the Church. It’s power. It’s influence. It’s wealth. A small contact, mind you, just a feeble brush, but an important one. So I had my fun with it, and allowed it to expand where it needed to.

I’m hoping to finish the second big branch this week - let’s take a trip to a Devil’s Bridge. But let see if I can keep up.

I also wanted to share a piece of Alain I commissioned the amazing @Feather

Alain is one of the two people you can meet in the tavern - the man who offers you a drink. I will actually be rewriting those interactions with both him and Ysabella - his female twin, for the next update. Another thing to add to the list!

And lastly,
Thank you :sunglasses:


Can’t wait for the next update


Why is the option to kill the boy when you’re ambushed by the bandits early on the second chapter blurred out? I killed all the others and my ruthlessness is around 70%.

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I assume you had Alessa save you from Will? You can’t kill Garrett then.


Why is that?


Umm… because you are busy with yourself to check out others? Much less an enemy.


If you had to be saved then you were pretty much in a rough spot to begin with and potentially wounded as well. IIRC Garrett isn’t near you so chances are he got handled by Adrian or Alessa during the confrontation since you seem to be incapable of doing it yourself or got too injured to continue.


Weird, in my playthrough I had a normal conversation with him ,even though I had to be saved at the last moment from the leader, and got to deal with him myself. The option to “scare” him was available so it seemed rather odd to me that I was unable to choose to kill him, anticlimactic even considering how I chose to kill all the others.

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If you are saved by Alessa, she takes matters into her own hands and kills Will herself.

To kill Garrett, the MC needs to have a certain amount of lives taken by their own weapon. It’s not a choice that’s available based on your ruthless percentage, it’s a choice regarding the MCs state of mind at this point.

The others were killed during battle. Garett is unharmed. I know this is a choice game, but you won’t be able to play as an absolute ruthless person who kills because they like killing. So yes, Garrett’s death is unavailable unless certain conditions are met.

I’m still deciding whether, if those conditions are met, I actually have all other options greyed out and the Kill Garrett option be the player’s only choice. You are not fully in control of the MC then. But I’m kinda afraid that may be too much… :thinking:


I see, thank you for the explanation.


Ohhh that would both be terrifying and cool to implement though considering the fact our corruption is still at 0 before we kill garret maybe implementing it will be a bit too soon? Maybe after we collect more you can start implementing that just a thought though :slight_smile:


True, but if I do end up going that route, then your Corruption points would increase by 1 the moment the conditions were met.

Killing Garrett would thus be a consequence, not a cause.


Ohhhh, thats true! now im so itching to know now how this relates to the mc’s non dominant hand and i cant wait to find out the answer or if its even related at all…


I think that maybe be a bit too soon as well. I like killing Will and his merry men but sparing Garrett and doing the give him some gold and tell him to join option.

But if you had a high corruption stat since you’ve been doing more evil malicious things later on in the story i could see greying out options like that.

But I don’t have all the information you do about what’s going on with the mc. Whatever you do I eagerly await more. :slight_smile:


How much combat do we need to take out Will? I’m able to kill all the others except for him.

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if i remembered correctly i think atleast 28? helps to beat will atleast or not get saved by anyone else


You need to have picked a Combat stat raising choice at least once. If I remember correctly, before the fight you have two opportunities to raise your skills.