The Golden Rose (WIP) - Finished Chapter 6!

The Captain offers her favor because of how her men have behaved. If the guards attack you, and you don’t defend Beka, then she considers you a victim of a slight made under her care.

So, in her mind, she owes reparations. It has nothing to do if you help her find Beka or not, although of course, her approval is higher if you do.

Now I have to put it! :laughing:

“Oh yes, Albert dear,” you drawl as you get up in a fluid motion, standing straight. Your fingers tap restlessly along your belt until they touch the hardened leather of your scabbard. “Toss a coin to your mercenary.”

Your voice is light and casual, but your toes bounce you up and down, and your eyes are piercing as they rest on the fat old man. If he dares…

The woman yelps, pulling on her husband’s arm almost violently. “Ah, Albert! It is speaking with us,” she shrills, the sound gazing on your nerves. “And it called itself a mercenary!”

The man lets himself be shaken. “Indeed it seems so, dear,” he looks at you, his head bouncing left and right. “And I do believe this mercenary is not too happy. Not happy at all.”


Toss a coin too your mercenary,
Oh valley of relics


Oh, now it makes perfect sense. Thank you for explaining.

The worst thing is that it’s in-character for probably all my MCs. What have you done. All of you. :sweat_smile:


I just realized…how does society expect me to like man or women in this world, when there are such angelic, God blessed enigmas (haha) as Hadrian or Alessa here. I’m seriously considering not marrying ever now, just feeding off their story here…:expressionless::sparkles:
It’s truly an amazing work of art!:heart:


"Flip a coin to your merc… Merc hunts things that normal people don’t for gold…Merc can have a sword…
I’m starting to see a pattern here that has to do with a TV show… Anyone else? Or just me?


I am a little bit confused. Does the demmo still end after you do all the options to find that guy with the maps?

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Yes, that’s where the demo ends. I’m not updating it anymore. These last “update” posts have just been a way to let people know how the game is progressing.

But the content will only be available once the game is published. :slightly_smiling_face:


Looking forward to it with bated* breath. :relaxed: :heart_eyes:

* Only a small part of it due to post-covid effects, honestly. It sucks, but I’m… :notes: still alive, :musical_note: despite being part of a risk group, so, yay!


So looking forward to the rest of the story! Keep up the good work. Can’t wait till it’s finished! Hopefully on Steam too (I like organizing my CoG/HG games on Steam).