The Golden Rose (WIP) - Final Public Demo Released

What’s the stat check on that? Do you have to double down on influence?

Great, thank you for the red flags :scream:


This game is awesome! One of the best fantasy games I’ve seen in a long time. Quick question: I know Alessa and Hadrian are the only two confirmed RO’s but are there any other flings or minor romances available?
Thanks :slight_smile:

the author may make Alain and his sister ROs too?

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I can’t remember if I’ve written a review for this game or not, so imma write one anyways :relieved:. But honestly this is SOOOO GOOOOD!!! Trust me, future readers, this is amazing and I cannot wait for the release!! :smile::smile:

The characters, the world, the scenes, and just the everything is :relieved::ok_hand: chefs kiss

Trust me you will fall in love with the characters and if the ones that are yet to be introduced are written as well as the ones that are shown? Well,

some RO’s hearts may have to be broken :sob:


Since I still can’t get on the Discord (my own fault :sob:) I wanted to share my MC. Her name is Nayru and she’s totally in love with Hadrian. Just waiting on him to make a move.


Where to find this Coin which is mentioned in the picture?


In the earlier scene where you were lost in a tomb (before meeting Alessa and Hadrian). If I’m not mistaken, you need to dash through the room and then jump down and pry that coin.


You won’t actually have to jump in the pit if you’re aiming for a high caution character after obtaining the coin, as long as you inspect the shrine after rushing toward the sound of the water. The entire theme of the ruin plus the later discovery of the famous quote “Fortune favors the bold” hints at this being the minimum requirement. Have fun reading. :grin:


Pls tell me if I’m going against the rules (i’ll delete it): When will there be a call for beta testers?


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Also the link commands on the last page are broken