The Golden Rose: Book One - Submitted to Hosted Games!

I am glad you feel better now, please always take care.

About the voice in the head, i think each who has it dealt with it and experience it differently, perhaps i am lucky in the sense , the voice act as an Imaginary friend who always help me calm down and made the logical decision when i face difficulty, he is the one who always accompany and drive me in my lonely status , always supportive in everything.

I hope you will be fine and as cheerful as always from now on


I can empathize. It’s a struggle for me wtih depression and since covid on top of that my OCD and hypochondria have gotten way worse. That’s a constant state of fear and exhaustion. Though I’ll sound like a hypocrite to myself please put your mental health and well being first!


I’m glad you are feeling much better. I wish you could have seen my cousin’s face when I told her that the story is coming soon.
Thanks for your hard work and take the most absolute care.


You know we love you, right?

We love you, and we care about you. All of us readers, all of our OCs, all of us on this forum.

We’re so glad that you’re getting back to yourself, and we wish you all the good things. :relieved:

Remy, Riese & Rayvn all raise their glasses in salute and take a deep drink. :cocktail::wine_glass::beer: