The Golden Rose: Book One - Submitted to Hosted Games!

Beautiful! The cover especially has my heart :heart_eyes: @Anathema I’m curious, is your icon MC with the rose? Also, do we know already what the Golden Rose is? If it’s mentioned in the demo, I forgot :sweat_smile:

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Wasn’t the golden rose an emblem of the Theers in the first, longer public demo? Or is my memory playing tricks on me?

My profile picture has nothing to do with the rose! It’s just a gift, although I suppose, it has a little bit to do with the game because Matt, the artist, was clearly inspired by it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: But it isn’t any character or symbol from the game, it’s just something that I like to use as my pfp.

I have not yet disclosed what the Golden Rose itself is, no.

The Theers’ banner is a rose against a field of green, it’s true. Good memory!


I just wanted to tell you that ever since I played your demo I’ve been absolutely in love with this game. Thank you so very much for giving us the opportunity to be able to play your amazing story. Congratulations on your success, I very much look forward to playing the full game.


Rayvn looks at the artwork with a smile of approval. Riese grins at her from the couch.

Well, it seems that Rave here will be waiting a few more months, oy? Don’t worry, this’ll be good…I promise. :relieved:

Rayvn shrugs and nods as she heads to the couch & stretches out next to Riese, who strokes her hair affectionately.

That’s some excellent work, @Anathema :sunglasses:


How many ROs is there

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It’s in the first post! I’d recommend reading it. Two confirmed: Hadrian and Alessa. But there is a bit of flirting with Lieutenant Vallen, and pretty clear signs of romance with the Theers; Alain and Ysabella.


I’ve had this saved as a must come read post for like a year. I’m so sad I never got a chance to before the demo got shortened since I have to wait until next year (according to the release date thread) to read it!!!

I did read the public demo and I cannot wait until the release of the full thing!


Finished the first draft of the Prologue!

And how long overdue this announcement is. I’ve been quiet about my writing process, and for that I am sorry. Truth be told, while I believed at the time that I had truly finished with the outline, it turns out that wasn’t quite accurate.

It also turned out that I wasn’t ready, mentally, to officially start writing. It was only after I had sent all the assets for Book 1 to Hosted Games - so when the art files were sent - that I could truly focus on Book 2. It’s a flaw of mine, not being able to compartmentalize and push worries out of my mind. So it wasn’t until the 20th of September that I could say to myself: “Okay, I’ve done everything, and Book 1 is done.”

As a result, it wasn’t until then that I started book 2, and I had to go back and work even more on the outline. I expanded it - a LOT . As I was writing it, conversations and sentences came to mind, so I noted them all down and mapped the game as in-depth as I possibly could. I was writing almost entire scenes before I forced myself to reel back. So, now the outline is really done, and if anything, it made me so incredibly eager to write this book. There are some scenes I cannot wait to get to.

Cannot wait.

Just as I couldn’t wait to write the Prologue! And what a beast it turned out to be. This book’s prologue is different from the first one - this one will be as big as a chapter. Standing at 193 notebooks pages long, it grew and grew and deepened and deepened, and I could not be happier with how it turned out. Of course, being only the first draft, there are a lot of sentences and dialogue that is complete rubbish, but the core of the scenes are there - and I’m proud of them.

Next, it’s time to put all those scribbles into Word and fill in the choices, the paths, and the variations. Time to try and put eloquence in my sentences and flow in my descriptions and refine my poor character’s voices. Make nonsense sound sensible.

I’ll start writing the second draft tomorrow! For now, I hope you’ve all been doing well. It’s Autumn where I live, and the skies seem to forget they’re supposed to be darkening. My days are still bright and warm, but the nights are starting to carry a chill that speaks of turning seasons. And so time passes, never stopping, never waiting, always traveling at its own rhythm.

And we’re left trying to keep pace. :rose:


Even your updates are poetry, Anathema :pleading_face: