The Golden Rose: Book One - Submitted to Hosted Games!

Thank you for keeping us on the loop! Makes the wait a lot easier! Have fun with Book 2! New projects are always exciting and refreshing, especially after spending so much time working on Book 1.

I’m very excited myself! I adored the demo, and The Golden Rose is sure to become one of my favorite IF books, if not THE favorite :orange_heart:


I don’t think you have anything to worry about in terms of HG determining your story’s worthiness for publication. The Golden Rose will be one of the best stories HG has ever published. Looking forward to release!


Golden Rose will be one of the most acclaimed HG games in recent few years , its not based on my feelings as a fan of this work but the present facts , writing , story , interesting world , huge word count and even a sequel! Cant wait for the release , the response is going to be great!!

Btw can anyone tell me whether we will have significant and lengthy interactions with the runt we saved in the city?


On behalf of everyone who has gone through the Rose, I strongly believe that it’ll soar smoothly and swiftly through publication without any issue. Thank you for keeping us in the loop.
Your determination, diligence and positive attitude towards the Rose and the sequel inspires me to continue the work on my story.
Huge respect🍻


I feel like I grew up with this story. Feels like watching your kid leave the nest :sleepy: Can’t imagine how you feel though. Congratulations :confetti_ball:


Oh, they’ll approve that in no time! :grin:

You got this! :raised_hands:


A good book can be hard to put down. I expect that once whoever reviews it picks it up, their only disappointment will be how quickly they devour those 1,200,000 words.

Best of luck with the rest of the process and setting up for book 2. Though, I doubt you’ll need it.


Does the “a threat for a threat achievement” permanently kill the Alessa romance?

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If you threaten Alessa, then her romance is locked out, yes. She simply cannot let herself lower her guard around you from henceforward, which is a very big obstacle when you’re trying to get close to someone.

At least for book one. There might be a chance, if you reconcile, to rekindle whatever spark was there.

In other news, however…

I finished the outline for Book 2!

After three drafts, multiple expansions, and way too many impromptu dialogues scribbled at the sides of the pages, I’ve finished the outline of The Golden Rose: Book 2!

This book will have 11 chapters - plus a prologue, an epilogue, and three interludes.

It is… strange to thumb through the outline. I am not a planner at all, my writing process is mostly made of “the story needs to move forward, do whatever it takes to make sure it does.” Each scene has a goal, but how I get from the beginning to the end is as much a mystery to me, before I put the pencil to the paper, as it is to the reader.

So seeing the book laid out before me is… odd in the sense that all I need now to complete it is just… to write. Working on book one was akin to entering a swamp while following a very thin path made by previous explorers. I knew what my goal was - to leave the swamp on the other side - but I was never sure if the road would plunge into murky waters, whether overgrown, poisonous vegetation would take over the path or I’d be attacked by some wild, feral beast. All in all, I wrote with a map in hand that only had the beginning, some places in the middle, and a very detailed end.

But now, I have another map in my hand. And the swamp is there, but so is the road, perfectly drawn, and I can see all the miles I’ll have to conquer. It’s comforting but strange. It almost takes the magic out of creating, which is why I purposely left some places as little unknows.

The prologue is one of them. I’ve built some foundations for it, but there are parts where it’s honestly “just see where it goes.”

But regardless of my feelings, it’s done! And I’m so, so excited to start writing this book! I think I’ve said before that book one was the stonework of this world, the foundation for the cathedral I’m trying to build. But now I get to actually write the pretty parts - the stained glass, the dazzling arches, the golden pedestals.

I’m sure, knowing myself, that I’ll add a lot of new things as I actually get to writing - my number one rule is to never snuff out these sudden ideas. Even if they add 30k extra words to a chapter, I write them. But, for now, I’m satisfied with the outline.

So the prologue is up next! I’ll start writing its first draft next week.

Have a great weekend everyone! :rose:


Wow! :exploding_head: I have almost the exact same handwriting!

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What!!! I literally thought the same thing!!!

Congrats on the outline for Book 2! You’ll probably be thankful for it in the long run :smiley: I’m super excited for Book 1 to be released first! :orange_heart:


I’ve been checking The Golden Rose to get updated for months frequently out of excitement, I totally fell in love with it upon reading the demo (and played it several times since haha…I’m addicted). Can’t believe we’re at the edge of the waiting bureau (and then can’t wait to embarrass the hottest(1000% fire) lil softy mercenary, till he marries me for that same reason unconsciously in the book)!!
To think you’re already bringing us more material to wait and simp for in book 2…You’re really just such a talented human being.


This may be such a dumb question that may have been answered before, but is book 2 a direct sequel to the first book, with the same characters and all, or is it an indirect one with a different MC and only some recurring characters? :thinking:

Also congrats on the outline!


It’s a direct sequel. Our mercenary’s story is big, there’s no way it’d be resolved in a single book.


God I’m so dang hyped for this game i keep coming back every day to see if it’s released yet lol


Hey Rayvn…you hear that? Your story just started! Hope you don’t mind an epic sojourn… :smirk:

Rayvn smiles & nods, battleaxe at the ready. Remy & Riese chuckle from their places on the couch.


April 1st 2022!! :sob:


They finally updated the upcoming hosted games page


I’m debating with myself whether I should scream in joy or cry in agony of waiting right now omg…


That’s… pretty far away :hear_no_evil: 8… months…

It’ll be worth the wait though. That I know for sure.