The Golden Rose: Book One - Submitted to Hosted Games!


Hello! Editing has been going very well. I’ve currently gone through 8 out of 23 files and it’s been so satisfying to say “Okay, this chapter is ready for publication” each time I reach the end of a file!

I also want to share that I have updated the demo! It is now up to a standard that I’m comfortable with, and actually proud to share. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: It stops at the very beginning of Chapter 4 - at the point where the free demo will end in the published game.

Here is the new link!

If you happen to play the demo, I hope you like it!! If you’d rather wait for the published game, I’m working tirelessly to submit it! As I said, editing is going really well. (◠‿◠✿)


Oh, thank you for the new demo! I wanted to replay, but since you said you’d update it, I decided to wait. And congratulations on the progress!


I’m curious, what is everyone’s favorite skill to use? Combat, Reason, or influence? Strangely enough I find myself drifting toward combat even though I almost never do. I’m also wondering if anyone has done all three and what they would recommend if so.


Surprised to find you can’t play as non-binary in this, unless I’m doing something wrong :thinking:

Yeah, you can’t

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I always go with the charming personality.


You updated the demo??? For us??? What did CYOG’s do to deserve you? Pre-Merry Christmas for every Christmas you have my dude. I’ve found my distraction for the day.


Okay, I feel like I may have been massively misunderstood, and it’s entirely my fault. But this new demo doesn’t go past what was there before. Actually, it’s much smaller than the previous demo - the cathedral, the devil and the Market are no longer available to play.

I’m sorry if this comes at a dissapoinment, but this is the cut-off point I want for the free version of the published game - if authors actually get to pick, that is. I have no idea if Hosted Games determines where to end the free demo themselves.

But the parts that remain are all edited and polished! That’s what I meant by “updated the demo.”


I’m glad I got to simp over Hadrian while I could. But don’t worry about any misunderstanding or anything, playing a polished version of the game (which already felt polished I am sweating to see the change) is exciting!


Oh don’t worry, I understood it was shorter (though I can’t talk for other people, obviously)! I was just happy I’d be able to have a taste of the polished version!


I neeed more Hadrian omg I’m in loveeee


Why… I need to work… but demo… Ahhhh the agony!

Demo it is


I found some typos and inconsistencies


I was re-playing the demo, this game is awesome and in terms of character interaction and dialogue I think you are one the best authors here. I particularly love the interactions with the Innkeeper haha

You grin at the stoic face looking towards you. “Most enlightening conversation, Master Vaughn.” You bow, deep enough to be mocking, and then let your face fall in disappointment. “But that bothersome duty calls for me and so I’m afraid you’ll have to suffer our parting.”

Vaughn gives you the blankest look you have ever received. “Regretfully,” he deadpans.

Your grin widens to a smirk as you turn around and walk towards the door.


Thank you so much, that’s such a kind thing to say :two_hearts:


ughhhhhh I just love this game so muuuuuch I can’t wait til I can buy it officially and then peer pressure all of my friends into buying it too. I’ve held off showing them the WIP because I want them to go into it spoiler free, but I also need irl people to gush about this story with


Does the coin and the gauntlet we found at the beginning mean anything?


And does thic choice mean anything too? Im just curious , are the gauntlet more important than the coin?

@The_Guy_That_Eat studying the gauntlet at the inn increases your lore stats and you can also show it to the weird cult lady(coin too) at the devil’s bridge while exploring the next day.


The demo kinda ends here. Is this normal?

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Ahh thanks

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