The Golden Rose: Book One by Ana Ventura

I’m a little confused. Rafael denied the person being an Eye because she was a woman? Are women not allowed in the Inquisition? I thought Neia was the leader of it. Am I reading this wrong?

From what I’ve gathered, Neia is the exception rather than the norm.

Rafael doesn’t say the masked person isn’t an Eye because she’s a woman. He tells you she can’t be one because she’s the agent working for the Theers — the ones who hired and made a deal with him. The person at the inn was meeting Rafael as a representative of the noble family therefore he knows they’re not a part of the Church. They’re a servant for the Theer house.

He does mention they’re a woman because, naturally, they talked, and he heard a feminine voice. So, again, nothing to do with the fact that they’re a woman.

Some Eyes are women. It’s the Church’s branch that has the most women, actually. In any other departments, they’re either rare or non-existent. Neia is, indeed, an exception when it comes to female authority within the Church’s ranks.

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It seems I have misread it.

'“She isn’t an Eye.” He spits and then grimaces. “Even if she bites like one.”

“She?” Hadrian asks.

“Yes.” Rafael nods. “She always hid her face during our meetings, but I could tell by the voice that it was a woman.”

Not an Eye.’

I thought the implication here was that the person could never possibly be an eye because of her gender, especially since there was a focus on it.

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That was just Hadrian reacting to the fact Rafael used “she” when speaking about the hooded person since all Hadrian saw, like you, was a mask and a long robe. And Raf explains why — he heard her voice. (That was also me, the author, giving the readers a few more clues as to who this person may be. :shushing_face:)

Rafael says right after how he’d never mess with the Inquisition — and how they would never make deals with thieves, to begin with. He knew who he was meeting, not the specific person, of course, he said he never even got a name out of her, but he knew who had asked him to bring those maps.

Not the Church, but the Theers.


“This masked woman is not an Eye, and she does not work for Aurelius,” Alessa says, shadows playing with the planes of her face. So still, so cold. “Therefore, it begs the question: Who is this woman? What does she want?”

Alessa leans forward, one hand grabbing hold of Rafael’s shoulder, right where the neck meets the collarbone. Her fingers clench, digging in, and Rafael tightens his teeth in a pained grimace. “Where are our maps?” she hisses, the tone no longer cold. It is burning.

Rafael gasps in pain, but he doesn’t shy away. His eyes narrow at Alessa, and he comes closer now, his voice nearly cracked but echoing strong. Fueled by hatred. “Can’t give you a name,” he says. Alessa’s hand twists and Rafael winces again, sweat rolling down his cheek.

You hear Hadrian shuffle his feet, and Lance has his dyed brows lowered as he waits in silence.

“Cause she never gave me one,” Rafael continues and then grabs Alessa’s hand, fingers wrapping around her wrist. “But you see, Alessa, she’s just like you. A lackey. And I can give ya the name of the one she works for.”


I raise the highest reason stat only 34 % (translate text at tavern and study Momentum at Harbor) .Are there another way to increase this stat ? What is the best way to increase reason?

You can raise Reason by:

  • Inspect the inscriptions on the wall at the tomb.
  • Say that you rely on your wit more than your weapon.
  • Choose the casual dressing style with the hood and cape.
  • Translate texts at the inn.
  • When you’re being confronted by the snotty nobles, choose to look for the smartest way to disengage from them.
  • If you visit the Catedral, reflect on the priests’ titles to figure out who they are.
  • If you visit the Harbor, inspect the derelict ship and look at the holes in its hull.
  • Also at the Harbor, try to figure out if there’s a pattern to the way the slabs are arranged in the square.
  • At the Harbor again, choose to inspect the amphitheater instead of betting or fighting.
  • If you haven’t translated the texts in Chapter 3, do so in Chapter 7.

I think these are all the choices!


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I just got the game! I just got the game!!!

Is there somewhere where I can get a Glimpse of the romances (Females only) personality? I checked your Blog or website or whatever that was…

Or maybe you can tell me something short about them?

Like who is butthurt romance?
Who is fiercly loyale?
Who like to fool around?
Who is like a teenager?
And so on…

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The only female romance you get pretty much anything of in B1 is Alessa, so you might as well do a playthrough for her.

I have a feeling that Neia might be more up your alley, and Ysabella is, so far, coming off as the party girl, but there’s really not much of either them in B1.

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I would just say go through the book because by the time you get to where a romance might be “locked in” (I put it like that because I don’t know if it’s actually locked in or if we’ll be allowed to break up and change Roëmænce Partnær later on) you will have a very good sense of the characters. The writing is just simply fantastic and the characters and very well written and very well thought out. More so, we’re also only in book 1 of a series so those personalities will (hopefully) grow and possibly change significantly. I don’t mean this as a dismissive “just play the game” but rather as encouragement because I didn’t feel like any character was unclear in who they are, and what they want


@Anathema I missed the entire “controversy” and only saw that something got going because of the forum summary email. I just wanted to say that I adore this book. The writing is superb, the attention to detail is pristine, every character feels absolutely organic and unique, there is so much to explore and personalize of the main character, and I loved that it actually felt like I accomplished something by the end of the book. Very few book 1 entries feel like only part one of the adventure instead of as an adventure in its own right that services a greater plot. I actually felt accomplished at the end, and left with the sublime feeling of wanting to play again, and wanting more. In short, fantastic work. :blue_heart:


Can we give small ring to beka in book 1 ?


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