The Gauntlet of Blood (WIP)

All right, good people of the Forum, I have a new WIP that I’d love for you to playtest and give me your feedback on.

Ultra Quick Summary:

You are a contestant in the legendary Gauntlet of Blood, an annual competition held in the Kingdon of Bornghom.

The winner gets his or her own weight in gold coins and a fabulous array of other prizes, but it will take all of your skills just to survive!

Longer summary and background

I guess you’d call this a “high fantasy” game with swords and magic. It is inspired by a CYOA-type gamebook I read as a kid called Deathtrap Dungeon, and my whole life I’ve wanted to create my own version.

On its surface, this is a D&D style “dungeon crawl” in which you have to navigate a treacherous labyrinth filled with dangers and tests of skill. But if you just try to slash your way through, you’re not going to get very far :slight_smile:


This game is at 78.000 words (without commands) right now, and the WIP is part 1 of 3 parts.

Trigger warnings

As the name suggests, this is a game where your life is on the line, so there are definitely violent scenes, but this is NOT a game that’s overly heavy on the gore. Furthermore, a clever player should be able to avoid fighting unnecessarily.


There isn’t any romance in this game, and I don’t think I will be putting any RO options in here.


Genderlocking really isn’t an issue as none of your interactions with other people in the story are affected/modified by that. In other words, feel free to be yourself! :smiley:

"The Chosen One"

This is NOT a game where you are a special “chosen you.” You are just an ordinary person with no magic or supernatural skills.

Mini Games

Relax, if you aren’t the kind of person who enjoys “skills tests” or mini-games, it is definitely possible to avoid them. And you won’t miss out on any of the fun in this game.

If you do enjoy mini-games, then there is one already included in the WIP and (at least) two more that will appear later.

Feedback I'm looking for

I am more than happy to hear from anyone who plays this game, including notes about punctuation, grammar, et cetera. Literally any feedback that you can give me will be helpful.

If you can, though, PLEASE give me a rough estimate of how long (minutes, hours?) you played.

PLAY LINK: >>>>>>>HERE<<<<<<<

Thank you so much! :heart:


It’s keep on loading at first choice, fight the wolves choice…

Don’t know what to say - it’s working for me :frowning_face:


Yeah sorry :grimacing::sweat::see_no_evil: it’s slow but working…

This is interesting :smiley_cat::smile_cat::roll_eyes:

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