The Gang Wars (WIP)

A month ago, you were betrayed by your gang. You were shot by one of your friends and left to die. Fortunately, the leader of another gang saved your life.

Will you get your revenge? Or just forgive them?

Raven Williams - One of the friends who betrayed you for an unknown person. She’s also the woman who shot you.

Dean Shepard - He’s a part of the gang and good friend of yours.

Joshua White - He’s the son of the man who saved you. He’s rude and mean person, but he has a good heart.

Clementine White - She’s Joshua’s sister. Unlike him, she’s kind and gentle person.


  • Choose your personality, gender, sexuality and appearance.
  • Betray your gang or protect them.
  • Be a member or a boss of the gang.
  • Get revenge from your old gang or rejoin them again.


Shortly, the game is about betrayal, revenge, romance and crimes.


I’m liking it so far. A few grammar mistakes and some word choice issues (which I’ll correct later if I don’t procrastinate it :P). Other than that, can’t wait to see how this one develops!

Could you put the date you update it in the title for future updates please and it’s awsome so far


Things I found


I don’t think the opposite of “Optimist” supposed to be empty.


s is not needed here.


I don’t think two “I will start with The Boss” is needed.



Also, I think it’s going to be good if we at least know the gang that “betray” MC. Because right now when we get shot by Raven, there is no feeling of get betrayed, so the “betrayed” feels is somewhat feels forced to me.


love see how this play out

It would be nice if the game has a lot of curse words and a lot of STUPID choices…
That would make the game even better…

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This WIP is very interesting:smiley:

So far, I like it. You can’t go wrong with an old-fashioned revenge story. A few things to think about:

What is my original gang called? What were my relationships like? Were they particularly close to me?

What gang does Mr. White lead? And why is he personally attending to me? Why am I of interest?

Eager for the next installment


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