The Game of War (WIP)

So far I’ve tried the noble, blacksmith, librarian, fisherman, monk, soldier and merchant origin.

I love the scorching palm technique, full mastery over it we could destroy anyone’s qi foundation.

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Have anyone tried the “Chi Overload” and “Hollow Vessel” penalties together? It actually unlocks the super cheat mode where the Infinite Chi fills your otherwise powerless body so you have 90 in all stats and mastery of all techniques the instant you learn tjem.

I mean tbh it should be given the freedom to the player on how exactly they want to play the game: the beauty of Cog is that you have the power to fully costumize your character in how you envision them to be. Therefore, I highly doubt that the majority of players will be satisfied with this luck based attribute system.
I’d argue that removing that random aspect doesn’t hinder the replayability of the game, since you can start over with diff stats, heritage or natural talents.


The random feature is breaking the game because sometimes when you access the right treat the game runs smoothly but when it access the wrong one (has code error) it crashes that’s not taking into account that the whole point of choice games Is player freedom not random assigning


Welp I got this in the first page

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No way on earth this W.I.P will ever be finished and be good. The amount of RO and variables are ridiculous.


Its not working

only way ive managed to fix that is by closing it and reopening the link and then it works for the one cycle

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From what little I’ve seen the game could be good, if it worked… also what made you think getting random stats would be a good idea? I spent like 5 minutes getting good overall stats only to get a bug…


Update is posted, includes

-Difficulty selection

-Species Selection

-First stat boost


and save system

Pretty good can you later add flute as weapon?

just thought it was interesting to post my states “” +confidence +Farmer +10 QI +5 strong +5 Agility +10 Dexterity +6 Vitality “” and the mountain stance

i dont know if half of them are good

thought of maybe ranking the the heritages and the techniques we get like ( common uncommon rare epic and yada yada ) so we can know how much strong they are

Saves will be coming likely in the next update

I’m trying to stay away from a large power gap between different heritages and talents because it incentivizes players to restart until they get the most powerful one instead of playing the hand they’re dealt

Did you use console? How do both appear?

Will the dragons have human form?