The Game of War (WIP) (10k!)

Ah that’s my mistake for not proof read that sentence I meant like a big gruff guy and not just the usually pretty bot who happens to have muscles, one of my biggest gripes with choice games honestly. That is if there are any M ro’s in this one not sure if that was clearly Stated or not.

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As a pansexual person trust me, there will be plenty


Sorry about that, I’ll get it fixed asap


Nice work! I agree with experimenting, setting the loops and stuff. Such an ambitious project will flow more easily once you have decided on most of your systems.

BTW- I found setting mental, unspoken deadlines for updates can be helpful, but never posted my exact intention. I feel that the extra pressure does not always help, with all the ideas stabbing at our spongey brains.


Another small update guys, 1500-2000 words. Added lore about the Great War and the formation of the Alliance (THIS UPDATE IS JUST LORE)


Found a couple bugs, this one happens when try the ahh social interaction option.
There is also a bug when you say hi but it is when you try to flirt

These two happen when you pick the south route and try to use any of the options

Thanks! I’ll get those fixed in the next update


Now that I have received the necessary feedback from the first round of beta testing, I will be moving into a period of alpha testing as I prepare the official presentation of the game in an unpolished, but complete state. My question is thus, would you like to see the next round of beta testing at 100 or 250 thousand words?

  • 100,000
  • 250,000
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About to play it for the first time

@Basketball_Fanatic will you update soon?

I move slow, but we’re certainly getting closer. Expect an update within two months.



Reminder that asking for updates isnt recommended in these forums


i am asking how long will it take to know there is still hope and honestly people can think whatever they want i honestly dont care

You can simply ask if the game is still being worked on, not for an update. It adds pressure to the author, who is providing you with something for free


How big is it going to be?

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I’m getting that error at the point where I interact with the girl at the koi pond. The game just freezes and I have to close moody and restart the whole thing.

It’s no big deal but a little frustrating since there is only one option and it is to flirt with the girl, (which feels a little weird), but it forces the error since the reader can’t choose to back out or leave.

Is this a common error or is just due to my stats?

the same thing happens in the dorm

Is there a chance we could get some save slots please?