The Game of War (WIP) (10k!)

I hope that they look similar to Dragonborns. If they’re gonna look human then at least give them a lot of draconic features like wings, claws, tails, fangs, eyes, partial or full scales, etc. Hopefully even breath attack though that is highly likely; just wonder if our draconic bloodline are gonna be elemental based.

You are amazing, I wish you success.

Suggestion for a techniques:

Palm of Body and Soul Displacement(Karada to tamashī no tenohira no idō): Basically the move from Doctor Strange where you strike someone in the chest with your palm with a massive amount of Qi disrupting theirs and seperating their soul from their body. Maybe you could have it so that it goes up in stages (i.e Stage 1 Just heavily disorienting them and disrupting their Qi network, Stage 2 Partially pushing their soul out of their body for a few minutes Permanently taking away a portion of their Qi and Etc)

Buddha’s Palm(Budda no tenohira): Permanently give away 1-2 your Qi for you to call upon on the God of Creation to lend you a fraction of a fraction of his power to slam His Palm into someone dusting them into tiny gold particles and sending their Qi as an offering for Buddha.

Shattering Qi Fists(Ki no ken o kudaku): Gather Qi into your fist and depending on your strength and Dexterity punch your opponent in Key places to literally punch someone so hard to quite literally shatter the hit area like glass.

And the Demo is pretty good can’t wait to see where you go with it.


Love the ideas, I’ll add them to the list

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Femboy and tomboy in the next update :eyes:


So I’ll be able to see my yandere femboy come to life?


If there really is that many combinations then I suggest using.

*if stat 1 = ___
*goto ___

For each individual stat that is being checked. Not sure how it works when multiple stats are being checked so you will have to ask someone else

I’m a little iffy on the random assignment of your starting values, hoping you make those selectable or put a point-buy system in where you can select traits/heritage value-wise to a certain limit, sacrificing say Strength to be able to make a different stat higher or sacrificing raw stats for a particularly desirable heritage but the random mode can still be left in as an option for more true “roguelike” runs.

Also the stat screen seems broken, unless it’s just bugged up until a certain point of your character creation? But I like the concept of this, good luck!

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Stats screen is coming in the next update, same with point but progression, and if I really get on a roll a randomized point buy perk progression


The start of something epic! I can feel the tension build.

Really an amazing scope you have here. Sounds very promising!

a short cute gender selectable Ro would be nice maybe a lil shy


Update is scheduled for Thanksgiving

P.S. 5k views already :face_with_spiral_eyes:


A little ai generated concept art for the orcs before the thanksgiving update (hand drawn concept art soon to come)



Love to see Dragon art

the first is the best

In celebration of 7k the thanksgiving update will be pushing for 70k wordcount


For the more romantically inclined fans of our little experiment here, I am happy to report that we will be adding the first two ROs and an intimate scene in the Thanksgiving update. Note, if you wish to avoid this content there will be a number of choices allowing you to do so. Happy holidays disciples.


Fair warning, after the Thanksgiving update I will be taking a short hiatus. The next three planned updates are as follows. November 23rd 2023 (Thanksgiving), December 31st (New Year’s Eve, and February 14th (Valentine’s Day)


I must regretfully inform you all that the Thanksgiving update is canceled due to a personal emergency. The progress will be rolled over to the New Year’s Eve update which is still planned to take place at the moment. While I hold out hope, the future is looking ever so slightly dimmer.


I love the concept. Keep up the good work <3. excited for its future updates