The Future of Film and Games


As a fan of IF and the vast, untapped potential it holds, I found this to be a fascinating watch.


Thanks for sharing this.


You’re welcome! As soon as I saw it, I couldn’t help but picture IF as a stepping stone towards this fully immersive experience MatPat describes at the end. By it’s nature, IF writers are already dealing with the challenges of creating a cohesive narrative governed by player agency and are forced to think differently about what it means to tell a story. I don’t even really see it as telling a story anymore, more like sharing a story. The author creates a framework, a setting and the characters, but it’s the player who really gets to TELL the story, or at least determine how it plays out.

If what this video talks about truly ends up being the future of entertainment, which I personally think it will be, then the experience of overcoming traditional narrative challenges that IF writers will be able to provide, will be a valuable part of this transition.

But that’s just what I think.


I don’t think it will replace movies. I think movies as they are are here to stay, in much the same way that books are here to stay. There will be little evolutions of the experiences. Just as I don’t think it’ll replace gaming either.

But I think it will be there, as complementary to the whole experience. Another niche.

And I do think that interactive choice-style games will have a part to play in this.


I definitely agree with that, and I certainly wouldn’t want it replaced either. As cool as it would be, that kind of immersive experience would be exhausting if it was the only way to enjoy something. There are things a book can do that a movie can’t, just as there are things a movie can do that a game can’t, and vice versa. All mediums have their strengths and their weaknesses, and so it shouldn’t be about replacing or a matter of which is better, but more about providing different options and different mediums through which to experience things. I’d say it’s all about choice, but that might be too on the nose.