The Funny Thread





like the ‘noisy neighbor Sign’ …I find these hilarious…

the lesson here : be considerate when you park .




In tribute of the December holiday don’t arrest me for old memes, @ElvesForTheWin


Ok, I’ll let you off for now, considering it’s the festive season and all that. :tada:

That exasperated look he gives the other one at the end though


I just love fallout


which fallout is that ???


New Vegas


The best Fallout.


The best part Is when it crashes and last save Is before bombs fell


Ah the Tale of Three Wastelands, the best mod obviously. Almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.


(This just came to mind but thought I shouldn’t derail the conversation that started it any further)


Is it just me or can you turn literally every scene or/and spoken line of the prequels into a meme?


For anyone who’s ever wondered how Australia has a 95% voting attendance record at elections, this is why. They tried small fines if you didn’t turn up, but then decided that it was better to literally bribe us with a sausage sizzle as a reward for coming.


(BTW, the dissemination of free sausages by any particular political party is actually illegal in Australia, and has lead to police investigations if there is any hint that this act may have been breached. BBQs must be set up by an impartial agency to maintain the fairness of democracy. We have big, important issues in Australian politics.)


Edit: I just thought, I’m not sure if everyone is familiar with cassowaries, so adding the picture below for reference as to why they’re allowed to have your beach spot if they want to :slight_smile:


This is probably less funny and more a truth.


Well you guys did lose a war to emus.

Edit: Japanese dodgeball is super intense