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oh man…that made me laugh , cose its So so so true lolol .

thx for the share :relaxed:



So my neighbours aren’t arguing anymore, but they keep having sex. I try to not to listen, but they’re really loud. And I suspect they know, but don’t care, because they think I won’t complain.

And they’re right! I mean, I can’t even bring myself to complain when they play loud music. What am I meant to say, “I’m sorry, but you were a bit loud when you were…re-arranging furniture last night” or, “I like a good pillow fight as much as the next person, but don’t you think you’re…over-doing it”?

The awkwardness would kill me. Or what if they got violent? Or worse, tried to get me involved. I’m already involved as it is. Sitting here like a Blitz survivor, listening, hoping it will end. I’m basically a participant.



If Batman vs Superman was made in the 90’s…



Hey random question guys does anyone know of site/forum like this, but for regular stories? I’m writing a story and I’m looking for place to post what I have for feedback.


I’m pretty sure this is just how foreign languages sound to some people (especially when spoken fast spanish).



you could use one of these…



When one’s fight and flight instincts respond at the same time.








I will now take the role as the wise monk of this thread
Today’s lesson is a classic. Meditate on it


Literally every job ever


Are 40k memes allowed here ? If so have this one I made

and some more 40k meme I made




Warhammer - Memes in this thread? About time.


Have another meme I made