The Funny Thread


Any Steven Universe Fans?


Only true SU fans will get this.

Steven: “Oh! No! The diamonds are back what do we do?!!”
Greg, already pulling out his dong: “It’s my time to shine.”






How long before you noticed the cat?


So true XD I’m having the same with my kitten who is completely black lol


Well this isn’t what I wanted




And that is how a perfectly good picture is ruined by a nasty sibling :joy:

On another note, the essence of my cat




Hahahahahaha! I cannot forget this easily.


cursed image




Am I the only one who really wants a remastered version of ME1-3?



why hell no you’re not the only one i would love Remastered Versions with a couple of extra features like the dot Hack G.U. series Remaster gave us




You’re def not alone. I’d love a remastered version of the original trilogy since we’re not likely to have a new good Mass Effect game anytime soon. If they do a remaster, it’d be nice to have a rework of the ending too but let’s not be too greedy. Just a remastered would be damn fine, especially since the facial animation could be weird at times.