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When you are upset because you can’t tell which family member is coming up the stairs by the speed and weight of their footsteps, when you suddenly realize that there are no stairs in your house…








So, if you get really good at using Microsoft Edge, does that make you an Edgelord?




Love at first read
(Still a better love story than twilight)


But he sparkles! Who wouldn’t fall in love with bedazzled skin! :star_struck:


They are going to make Warhammer books for children…

I dont want to live on this planet anymore.


Me neither. They already supposedly got rid of Slaneesh for not being child-friendly enough!


A normal person(don’t mean it as insulting if you can take it that way)


But the jokes themselves will always hold a special place in our hearts. :grin:


(Random on my part, but I’m half-convinced that even Persona 4 took a stab at Twilight).


What will happen when these come out
Dad: Hey billy you want to try warhammer?
Billy: Sure dad, that sounds exciting!
Dad: Here take this guy (hand him the God Emperor of Mankind)
Billy: Oh wow, is he the hero
Dad: Oh no, he has slaughtered thousands if not millions of races across the galaxy
Billy: B-because they were bad right?
Dad: Nope, half of them were in fact peaceful people that didn’t even fight back as we conquered the galaxy. Even the orcs only fight us because it’s in their DNA to fight
Billy: Well then we are gonna overthrow the king right?
Dad: Nope, we follow him to death, even sacrificing our souls in his name. All rebellions are crushed instantly
Billy: Then the other races can stop him?
Dad: Nope, the only ones that stood a chance all basically went mad centuries ago and the human armies made of Frankenstein level of humans torn apart and rebuilt are endless and cannot be stoped by anyone.
Billy: (Thousand yard stare)
Dad: here some take this book of it
later that night
News reporter: Local man found dead, killed by son as he shouted “Blood for the blood god”


I love sparkles!!! :crazy_face:

But I didn’t like That Vampy Kid